Oxfam in Uganda

Uganda is a country that faces several socio-cultural, economic and political challenges, which perpetuate high levels of poverty and inequality.


Oxfam has been working in Uganda since the 1960s. Since then, we’ve implemented humanitarian and development programmes to support practical and innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty.


Oxfam believes Uganda can be free of extreme inequality and injustice; a society where citizens, particularly women, across all age groups can claim and exercise their rights and responsibilities and influence decisions that affect their lives.


Oxfam's work in Uganda focuses on the country's poorest people – from helping to reduce poverty in rural areas to enabling people to be better prepared for disasters, as well as promoting the rights of women and pastoralist farmers.

Taking women's needs into account is crucial to all of our work. Here, Debreda Moraba tends to a fuel-efficient stove provided by Oxfam. These stoves allow communities to use less wood in cooking, which in turn, leads to less tree-cutting and better resilience against erosion. Another benefit is that women inhale less smoke when cooking and so suffer fewer respiratory problems. Photo: James Ewen/ Oxfam