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With nearly 1,000 across the island of Ireland, volunteers are the backbone of our network of shops, as well as an important part of the public face of our organisation. In addition to being the lifeblood of our shops, Oxfam volunteers are making a huge impact everyday by supporting in our offices and distribution centre, helping to keep us organised, efficient and effective. Our volunteers also show up when we need them at fundraising and campaigning events and initiatives. The commitment, enthusiasm and hard work of our amazing volunteers is creating real change in the fight for a just and sustainable world.


Meet Bridie 

Bridie is been volunteering with Oxfam Ireland for 40 years
"It was the people, their warmth and their genuine nature that made me find the heart to stay for four decades."
— Bridie, Oxfam Bray

As Bridie reflects on her 40-year journey with Oxfam Ireland, she can't help but marvel at the changes she's witnessed. What was once a group mainly consisting of retired volunteers has transformed into a vibrant mix of people from all age groups. Youngsters and students have brought fresh perspectives and energy, injecting new life into the organisation.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is Oxfam's physical premises. The place that has been the heart of their operations throughout the years still stands strong, witnessing the flow of volunteers and the impact they make.

When asked about her role, Bridie lights up. Sorting items may have been her main task, but she's always been eager to pitch in wherever needed. Sure, there were moments of routine, but those were overshadowed by the unwavering dedication to the cause and the incredible camaraderie with her my fellow volunteers.” It was the people who truly made the Oxfam experience exceptional for Bridie

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Volunteer In Our Office

We have offices in Dublin, Belfast and at our Distribution Centre in Dunmurry, Belfast.

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Volunteering in our shops

Join thousands of volunteers across our network of shops.

We're committed to providing a positive and enjoyable environment for all of our volunteers. We truly value the time, effort and enthusiasm volunteers give and we want to ensure we do all we can to support you in your volunteering. For further information on Oxfam’s commitment to volunteers:

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