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Hoden Abdi Iwal standing in front of her house.

Supporting Vulnerable Communities

Being short of money is hard, but extreme poverty is grinding. When hunger knocks at the door, or war or disaster drives you from your home, it’s very hard to find the time and energy to fight for a fairer world.

Our mission is to support vulnerable communities through crises like hunger, drought, climate breakdown, war, injustice and inequality, and amplify their voices to fight for justice, fairness and a better world.

How Are Oxfam Supporting Vulnerable Communities?

Oxfam delivery of hygiene kits in Samandag, Hatay province, Turkey.
Oxfam staff unloading jerry cans containing clean drinking water. Photo: Shaikh Ashraf Ali/Oxfam

Some crises, like an earthquake or flood, hit without warning. Others, such as drought, crop failure, war and conflict, have been harming vulnerable communities and causing poverty and inequality for years, or even generations.  

We work with communities before, during and after crises to build their resilience, and to protect and save lives. Together we address the root causes of conflict and disaster, and find just and sustainable development solutions. 

Secondary school students in Kasungu District, Malawi.
Etnel a teacher in Malawi. Photo: Ko Chung Ming/Oxfam

Through our projects and campaigns, we are working to ensure that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations are not excluded from the right to essential services such as healthcare, water, education and social protection.  

With the help of our supporters, we are working with vulnerable people to influence policy and decision-makers across the world, urging them to address the impacts of poverty today and end it for good.

Photo: Dania Kareh / Oxfam

People are entitled to agency over their own lives, but the most vulnerable can often be ignored or exploited.  

We support those most impacted by injustice and inequality to build more equitable and sustainable solutions, ending a cycle of poverty and disadvantage and instead leading independent lives.



A Haven for Survivors of Gender Violence

Hassan Abdi feeding one of his few remaining cows

Cash in Kenya helps families cope with drought

Hoden Abdi Iwal meeting with her neighbours

Caught in the Grip of Drought

About Oxfam

Oxfam is a global movement of people who fight inequality to end poverty and injustice.

Tackling Inequality & Ending Poverty

We fight inequality as a root cause of poverty.

Campaigning For Change

We provide life saving support when disaster hits.

Protecting The Planet

We work collaboratively for a more sustainable world.

Responding to Conflict & Disaster

We provide life saving support when disaster hits.

Fighting for Gender Justice

We support women and girls to live free from poverty, inequality and violence.