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What We Do
Together, we're a global movement of people who won't live with the injustice of poverty
Oxfam accountable to you
Accountable to you
We ensure that all our activities are measurable, accountable and realistic. Here you'll learn more about where your donation goes.
About oxfam
About Oxfam
We believe that all lives are equal and that no-one should live in poverty. That's why we're on the ground, empowering communities to tackle poverty and fight injustice.
Oxfam proving emergencies
With your help, when crises strike, we respond with life-saving support that helps people to rebuild their livlihoods.
Where Oxfam Work
Where we work
With over 70 years' experience – and working in more than 86 countries – we're positioned to reach the widest range of people possible. Each year we help tens of millions of people around the world.
Oxfam proving issues we work on
Issues we work on
From women's rights to water, earthquakes to education, our life-changing, ground-breaking work is carried out on a global scale. Here's a snapshot of the issues we work on.
Thank you for our partners throughout this exceptional and difficult year. Your support helped us reach millions of people around the world. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2023.

End of Year 2022 | We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

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Your support gives people around the world a voice and a belief that tomorrow may be a brighter day. That hope comes from you. Together, we are making a difference.

Proving it

Meet the people you help
Mum Beatrice smiles while holding her little baby Sipha

Mum Beatrice smiles while holding her little baby Sipha in Sange, Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s acclaimed photographer Rankin’s second visit to this town, and he’s on a mission to capture images of love in a land torn by conflict. Beyond the studio backdrop is a country which is one of the toughest places on earth to call home. Since 1998, five million people have died as a result of conflict here, most by the malnutrition and disease it has caused. The scale of suffering here is immense. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed. Rape is widespread. Amid the unspeakable violence, there is true kindness. Beatrice is among the 10 people taken in by Sange resident Annie (45). “I accepted them because I think it is good to help other people,” Annie explains. “It is our friends; tomorrow it could be us.” It’s a story repeated thousands of times across DRC, a place where most people live in extreme poverty, yet it is extreme generosity that shines through. Despite difficulties at home, our supporters across the island of Ireland share this incredible spirit of generosity. Your support helped us to provide vital water and sanitation in Sange, just one of many places touched by your kindness. Click below to meet just a few of the millions of people whose lives you’re changing for the better.

Proving it globally
Proving it globally
No matter where in the world, our approach is always the same – working with people and for people to build a better future. From Afghanistan to Zambia, we’re there
Number of countries where we work
People reached in the Middle East and North Africa
Women and girls reached in Latin America and the Caribbean
Proving it in Africa
Proving it in Africa
From Morocco to South Africa, Gambia to Somalia, we work across Africa helping communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice.


Women and girls reached in east and central Africa


People reached in east and central Africa


Women and girls reached in southern Africa
Proving it in Asia
Proving it in Asia
All across Asia, we are building partnerships with local organisations to help communities build a brighter future for themselves.


People reached in Asia


Women and girls supported


Organisations partnered with Oxfam
Our Four Goals
From life-saving emergency responses to life-changing development projects and life-enhancing campaigning, we help communities to combat poverty in three powerful ways. See what your support has made possible.
People Power Approach

People Power

Changing the rules that put people in poverty, creating new opportunities for all and reducing the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable.
Services for all approach

Services for all

Ensuring everyone has access to vital services like healthcare and education, and making governments fulfill promises on aid and reducing debt.
Care in Crisis

Care in crisis

Providing better protection and greater help to people in crisis situations and strengthening their ability to withstand future emergencies.
Equality Approach


When women and men are treated as equals everyone benefits. Women have the right to make decisions for themselves and to be treated with respect.

Our Three Approaches
From life-saving emergency responses to life-changing development projects and life-enhancing campaigning, we help communities to combat poverty in three powerful ways. See what your support has made possible.