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Rehema in a group photo with some of her children

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Rehema's story showcases the strength and resilience of those confronting climate change.

Rehema looking towards the flooding area

Rehema's story begins with the loss of her father when she was just a newborn, leaving her to be raised by her mother. As she grew older, she attended school, but at the age of 18, she entered into marriage.

Facing hardships from an early age, Rehema overcame numerous obstacles to build a life for herself and her children.

Her journey is a remarkable example of how one person's determination can triumph over adversity.

"When our property was destroyed, it wasn't easy to replace any of it. That was a terrible day.

Challenges Caused by Climate Change

In recent years, Rehema has been living in the Muhokya IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camp due to climate change-related issues. Heavy rains and flooding devastated her community, resulting in the loss of their homes and belongings. The traumatic experience left an indelible mark on Rehema and her fellow camp residents.

The Journey to Nyakasanga

Rehema's search for a better life led her to Nyakasanga, where she faced new hardships and discrimination from her late husband's family. Despite these challenges, Rehema persevered and was able to secure employment in a local church, participating in the Post-Test Club's Music, Dance, and Drama activities.

Rehema in the field

Empowerment and Progress

Through Bishop Masereka's support, Rehema seized an opportunity to study counselling and guidance in Tororo. This allowed her to develop new skills and earn a steady income. With her hard-earned money, Rehema purchased a property in Nyakasanga, providing her family with a more stable and secure home.

Agriculture and Self-Sufficiency

Rehema's resilience extended to her farming endeavours. She cultivated a garden and grew various crops, including sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. Her garden served not only as a source of sustenance for her family but also as a means of supporting the community, providing food to those in need.

The Devastation Strikes Again

Unfortunately, Rehema's newfound stability was once again shattered when the Nyamwamba River flooded, causing widespread destruction. Rehema and her family did their best to protect their home but were ultimately unable to prevent the water from entering.

Rehema in a group photo with some of her children

The Power of Resilience

Despite the challenges she faced, Rehema's unwavering spirit and determination remain unbroken. Her story is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, resilience and hard work can lead to a brighter future. Rehema's ability to overcome hardships serves as an inspiration to others who may find themselves in similar circumstances.