Where does the money go?


Your gift goes into specific programme funds: Livelihoods, Saving Lives, Water for All and Investing in Futures.



 1. Livelihoods

We work with communities to find practical and innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.  Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated by the sale of gifts such as A Goat, A Cow and Honeybees to work with poor communities to improve their livelihoods.  
Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift helps communities which rely on livestock to earn a sustainable living. However, while the distribution of cows and goats may be the best solution for one community, agricultural training, grain banks or veterinary care might be more beneficial to another. We ensure that families living in extreme poverty have a say in finding the best solution for them and we work with them to make that solution a reality.  Because when people no longer have to worry about the basics, they can provide for their children and plan for their future.  This breaks the cycle of poverty.

  2. Saving Lives 

We work with communities trying to adapt to climate change by creating emergency response plans and building infrastructure that can better withstand disaster. When it comes to saving lives during a disaster, fast action is critical. Oxfam staff are world leaders in speed and efficiency when it comes to delivering clean water and sanitation, food and shelter in a crisis situation. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated by the sale of gifts such as a Cooking Stove, Care for a Baby and Support for a Refugee Family to provide life-saving support to communities experiencing emergencies, whether they are man-made crises, such as the ongoing conflicts in Yemen and Syria, or natural disasters like Cyclone Idai. Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of natural disasters – communities have to be prepared for when the worst happens.  
Your Unwrapped gift provides a range of practical supports such as clean water, sanitation facilities, cash vouchers to allow households to buy food, mosquito nets to prevent malaria as well as personal hygiene items.  We also work to ensure that the rights of the most vulnerable – small children and the elderly, people living with HIV and those with disabilities – are recognised and supported.  

 3. Water For All

Safe water saves lives. It helps families to thrive. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated through gifts such as Safe Water for a Family, Get Well Soon and Water for a School to give communities access to clean water and sanitation facilities to help keep them safe from disease. Water and sanitation-related illnesses still cause significant health problems, while poor water supply exacerbates waterborne diseases including cholera and diarrhoea. Our water engineers look for the most effective and efficient ways to bring clean water to communities.  
Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift could help set up or maintain a safe water supply with pumps, tanks and taps, purification systems or pipes. It can restore supplies after an emergency and provide health and hygiene training. These skills are critical to community well-being, not just now but well into the future.  

 4. Investing in Futures

We work with vulnerable communities to ensure that they have access to key essential services such as education and healthcare. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated through gifts such as Educate a Girl, Road to an Education or Lifelong Learning to ensure that girls and boys, as well as men and women, have the right to the high-quality education and healthcare that can put them on a path to a sustainable future. 

Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift will help support girls and women of all ages to learn, grow and reach their potential. Girls are more likely to be kept or taken out of school, denying them life-changing opportunities. We are working to increase access to these vital services by advocating for the availability of resources and empowering poor communities to demand greater accountability from their governments on the allocation of funding for services.