Open & transparent

Your trust and support is our most precious resource. Trusting us to use your donation to maximum effect is a responsibility we take very seriously. 


That’s why we are one of only a very small number of charities among the thousands of charitable organisations in Ireland that has reached the highest gold standard in transparency and accountability.


All our finances, including detailed accounts, breakdowns of where money goes and salary information is available here.


We are listed on the Charities Regulatory Authority’s Register of Charities (Charity Reg. No. 20009946) in the Republic of Ireland and on the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland’s Register of Charities (Charity No. NIC100848).


Our promise to you

To read our Donor's Charter and our Public Compliance Statement, please check out Our Promise to You.


We adhere to the recommendations as laid out by regulatory authorities such as the Charity Commission for N.I. (Code of Good Governance), the Dóchas-CGAI Irish Development NGOs (Code of Corporate Governance), the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Charities Acts and SORP for accounting and reporting practice. 


We have a governance committee to ensure compliance, and all business is conducted in line with the Nolan Principles on Standards in Public Life.


Oxfam Ireland is committed to complying with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public and has formally discussed and adopted the Guidelines at a meeting of the governing body.


As part of Oxfam International, we signed up to the first Global Accountability Charter for the non-profit sector in June 2006. This charter sets out core values and operating principles for international agencies, against which Oxfam gauges and reports publicly on our economic, environmental and social performance. 


Governance codes

We adhere to and implement the following codes:


Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messaging


Boardmatch Ireland’s Transparency Scale (A Standard)


Charity Commission for N.I. Code of Good Governance


Dóchas-CGAI Irish Development NGOs Code of Corporate Governance


Republic of Ireland Charities Act


Northern Ireland Charities Act


SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) for accounting and reporting practice

Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public

Code of Charity Retailing as part of our membership of both the Irish Charity Shops Association and the Charity Retailing Association in the UK


Our internal governance committee ensures we are compliant with these codes and that we put them into practice. Here is our Donor Charter and our Public Compliance Statement.