Be a fundraiser

Make the world of difference to those who need our help by fundraising for Oxfam


Taking part in a sponsored challenge or organising your own fundraising event is easy with Oxfam and anything goes – walk, run, cycle, hike, or climb, make music, make cakes or make coffee – just enjoy getting together!  

Your vital support will help change lives from families in a food crisis to poor female farmers through our long-term development projects, rapid response in emergencies and campaigns for lasting change.

If you need some inspiring fundraising ideas to get you motivated, you can find them here.

Running for Oxfam
Lace up against poverty!


Simply sign up to your chosen event and we’ll help you with the rest. Get in touch with us by emailing or by contacting the Oxfam Events team in Dublin on (01) 635 0406 or in Belfast on (028) 9089 5972.

You can use our Online Fundraising Page to seek sponsorship from your family, friends and network. There is no minimum fundraising amount. You are welcome to set your own fundraising goal, knowing that your commitment will help to transform lives through Oxfam projects worldwide.

We will also organise your fundraising pack, which can include sponsorship cards, collection materials, t-shirts and a handy fundraising tool – the Oxfam Treasure Map.

If walking and running is on your radar, Run Ireland and Running Northern Ireland has a host of event dates to target. 

If you’d like to get on your bike for Oxfam, check out the exciting events on Cycling Ireland and Cycling Northern Ireland.

Get baking for Oxfam!
Get baking for Oxfam!


There’s nothing quite like a warm cuppa and homemade cake so how about inviting pals around for an afternoon treat of dreamy creamy scones and speciality teas?

At work, you could treat your colleagues to a tea break they’ll remember with homemade treats or appeal to their competitive side with a sponsored bake-off! 

All your tasty treats will be that much sweeter in the knowledge that you're baking is supporting Oxfam projects that are working to end poverty and injustice.

Host an Oxjam gig!
Host an Oxjam gig!


Local music can have a global impact with an Oxjam music event  and raise money to help Oxfam combat poverty and suffering around the world. 

Maybe you're the next big thing or just really  passionate about your local music scene and want to make a difference to the lives of people affected by poverty. Either way, you don't need experience, all you need is a love for music and plenty of enthusiasm and dedication!

Contact a venue and get them on board to help host your music night. Showcase local talent and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere.  We'll do everything we can to help you create a night to remember!

Make a special day even better!
Make a special day even better!

Special occasions

Celebrate your special day - birthday, wedding, anniversary - and fundraise for Oxfam at the same time. Make your special day a life-changing day for one of the many people we work with overseas.

The day a field of rice is ready for harvest thanks to an Oxfam supported farm. Or the day when clean water arrives in a village thanks to a new borehole created by an Oxfam drilling rig. Or the day a family moves into a home built - with Oxfam's support - to withstand natural disasters. Days like these can and do change lives.

To keep this work going, we need your support so why not make your next special day even better by fundraising for Oxfam?

Pretty awesome!
Pretty awesome!

Something different?

We’re always inspired by enthusiastic groups of friends, schools, workplaces and communities around the country who have hosted great events - céilís, quizzes, pay-day breakfasts, book sales, movie nights, 'Come Dine With Me' dinner-parties, pushing a bed, shaving your head or just personal challenges.   

If you are thinking about your own event, we’d love you to hear from you. Simply email or by call the Dublin office on (01) 635 0406 or Belfast on (028) 9089 5972. We will give you all the advice you need to turn your idea into an actual fundraising event. 

Unsure what to host? Have a look at some of these tried and trusted event ideas.

Our Fundraising Heroes
Fundraising Heroes


In times of humanitarian disasters or for key moments in the calendar, teams of Oxfam volunteers are essential in our fundraising efforts by collecting in public locations. We also collect funds at concerts and similar events around the country.

Our volunteers are always fully briefed on their role and are co-ordinated by a member of our team. We ensure that you enjoy the experience. What’s more, it feels great to help!

If you would like to become a fundraising volunteer, please email or call the Dublin office on (01) 635 0406 or Belfast on (028) 9089 5972.