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Here are a few ways you can sprinkle some magic throughout the festive season - with charitable gifts and fun DIY projects. And how Oxfam can help.

The past two years have drastically changed the way we live our lives. And the way we celebrate holidays.
But we have an opportunity to rethink traditions, create new ones, and put the meaning back into Christmas like never before. Here are 5 ideas to help...


If you're going to be away from loved ones at Christmas, thoughtful gestures can help you feel closer.

You’ll also find thousands of unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts in the Oxfam Online Christmas Shop. Like amazing books and rare vinyl boxsets.

Or choose a charity gift you know will strike a chord. Whether your dad’s into gardening or your gran loves goats, Oxfam Unwrapped has ideas for everyone. Each charity gift card makes a real difference by helping people living in poverty.


If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the power of acting together. The festive season is a great time to do just that, uniting to help others – even if you can’t meet in person.

Not sure what you’d like for Christmas? Shopping with Oxfam is a great and easy way to make a difference. When you shop with us, all the items you buy will help families living in poverty. Adding a donation when you shop is a great way to give more this Christmas.

Our products are ethical and sustainable, with a vast range of options that includes gifts, preloved fashion, homeware, and more!

"I'd buy myself this top, it’s so sparkly and perfect to wear at Christmas.” - Raphael Wong, Oxfam shop volunteer.


Coronavirus hasn’t been the only issue on people’s minds in 2021. The recent COP26 conference sharing shocking statistics on the state of the natural world have put the climate crisis front and centre. No surprise then, that many people are finding new ways to lessen their environmental impact.

Thousands of you took part in Second Hand September – thank you.

There are many ways you can shop second hand beyond the month of September. Gifting second hand is just one way to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas.

There is something for everyone, from unique home accessories to vintage collectables for history lovers. Want to send out a Christmas card to your loved ones? Check out our card range. To avoid waste, you can also reuse your wrapping paper or turn it into festive decorations or envelopes.


Why not start something new and doable? You could buy a camera and create a Christmas movie with all your special moments together. Start annual Christmas games or make your own chocolate treats. Or club together with relatives to buy a life-changing gift for a family in need. You can wear fun Christmas jumpers, make your own handmade cards or buy some Christmas tree seeds and start growing your own Christmas tree for next year!


If you’re spending most of the festive period at home, it’s a good excuse to make your surroundings feel extra special. Plenty of decorations, sparkle and hygge will help. Or treat yourself to some ethical decorations, like this lovely Sourced By Oxfam Handmade Bicycle Gold Work Decoration. Stock up on comforting treats too. Like these delicious white chocolate polar bears. Or these amazing amazing Medjoul dates to add to your cakes. And to make gift-giving feel extra special, why not try fabric knot wrapping, using recycled sari fabric instead of paper.

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Cards on the table, there’s no better Christmas gift than Oxfam Unwrapped

Trying to find the perfect gift can be tricky. So, this Christmas, instead of giving your Secret Santa another pair of novelty socks, why not give something different?

With more people on the hunt for ethical Christmas presents, an Oxfam Unwrapped gift is a gift you can feel good about giving to someone you care about.

The pandemic has made the most vulnerable even more vulnerable. For families already facing the threat of war, hunger and life-threatening diseases like cholera, Covid-19 only adds to the daily fear and uncertainty they feel.

By giving the gift of soap for at-risk communities this Christmas, you could provide a life-changing gift to a struggling family. Soap, which can be a barrier between life and death, is simple and cost-effective, but not readily available for many of the world’s poorest people.

Nur* is using the recently installed Contactless Handwashing Device in the Rohingya camp. Photo: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam

With this gift you are helping people like Nur* who has been in a camp for Rohingya refugees for almost three years and has had to face many challenges including living in a tent, extreme heat, monsoons and a lack of clean water.

To help families and women like Nur*, Oxfam has installed contactless handwashing devices and is providing hygiene education.

“We are not afraid, we know how to wash hands, how to be safe. We heard from volunteers, they told us.” - Nur*

Your Unwrapped gift can make a real difference to the families living in crisis. In the past few years, we have seen the impact that climate change has had on people who are already living in extreme poverty. Often it is the people least responsible that are the most vulnerable to a warming planet’s devastating impacts on their communities and livelihoods. But thanks to people like you, Oxfam can provide training for farmers to help them plan for climate change.

Patouma Alisen is a farmer in the Liundi village in Malawi. Oxfam has been helping her and other farmers, who previously had to rely on maize, to grow vegetables in small kitchen gardens. Now they use some of the produce to feed their families and can earn an income by selling the rest.

By buying an Unwrapped gift like There is No Planet B this Christmas, you could help prepare more families for climate change.

How to Buy

Once you’ve selected your Unwrapped gift, there are several ways you can buy:

  1. Online at oxfamireland.org/unwrapped
  2. Call our office at 1850 30 40 55. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.
  3. Or, visit your local Oxfam shop. There, you can select your gifts of choice and pick up some other items on your Christmas list.

It's an amazing feeling to give someone a gift that keeps on giving. This Christmas, make a loved one smile while fighting poverty and protecting the environment… one gift at a time.

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Give a Life-Changing Gift This Christmas

This Christmas, as we all try to come to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic, we know now more than ever that access to clean water and sanitation is critical to preventing the spread of this deadly disease.

For people across the world affected by poverty and disaster, essentials like clean water for handwashing and a safe shelter in which to ‘stay home’ become all the more lifesaving.

With your help, Oxfam is working with partners to ensure that people get what they need in these challenging times. By buying one of our Unwrapped gifts this Christmas, like our Safe Water for a Family, you could help to provide clean water, soap and hygiene kits as well as information on how to help people stay as safe as possible.  This is one example of the life-changing differences your Unwrapped gift can make.

Instead of the usual Christmas gifts, why not give an Unwrapped gift that will help support families in crisis? With our Unwrapped gift range, you’ll find the perfect gift to send season’s greetings and support a cause you care about. Each gift is representative of Oxfam’s work and will support a range of initiatives in one of our four programme funds, depending on the card you choose.

  1. Livelihoods
  2. Saving Lives
  3. Water for All
  4. Investing in Futures

This year, to honour this life-changing collection of gifts, we’re delighted to launch our new dedicated website for our Unwrapped range which boasts new designs and options for personalising and sending your gift! 

With Unwrapped, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect card – be it for a winter birthday or wedding, or a quick hello or season’s greetings. Best of all, it allows you to support a cause you care about, such as climate change or access to education.

So, how does it all work?

  1. Pick a gift: For christenings, Christmas, birthdays, weddings or Mother’s Day to every occasion in between. Our range of gifts will allow you to give something special to someone who has everything, while at the same time giving something meaningful to someone who needs it.
  2. Personalise it: Add a personal message to your gift card online, or we'll post it to you and you can handwrite a message for your friend or loved one yourself. You can also send an e-card, or print your own card at home.
  3. Change lives: Send your card and we'll deliver your gift to you or your loved one. By shopping Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, you’re supporting our full range of work around the world, from emergency responses to advocacy projects.

But that’s not all. We also have some new designs that are perfect for any occasion, including our Congratulations on your New Kid gift that supports communities which depend on healthy animals for their livelihood. And there’s the Happy BEE-day gift which makes futures brighter by helping parents earn enough to cover essentials like school fees. Or perhaps you’d prefer to give a Get Well Soon gift that also helps provide families who have lost everything with access to clean water and decent sanitation to stop the spread of deadly diseases.

With gifts ranging from €5 (livelihood projects) to €1,000 (water for an entire school – pretty cool!), the Oxfam Unwrapped gift collection has something for everyone – be it a friendly hello to someone during lockdown, or a corporate gift. Whatever the reason, by shopping Unwrapped, you are sending a gift that keeps giving well beyond the festive season.

If you have more questions about Oxfam Unwrapped, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at irl-unwrapped@oxfam.org.

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Thank You For Saying Yes to Second Hand September

We did it! You took a stand by saying YES TO SECOND HAND for the month of September.

Together, we diverted clothing from landfill and turned up the volume on the many issues surrounding throwaway fashion. By posting your amazing #SecondHandSeptember finds you also helped to change perceptions of second hand shopping while inspiring others to reuse, rewear and recycle.

Thank you so much for your support!

Together, we have the power to make long lasting and meaningful changes that will help protect –both the land we live on and the air we breath, and the workers rights of the women and men who make our clothes.

To combat the climate crisis, we need to continue voicing the urgency for change. This will not be an easy fix and there will be bumps on the journey to sustainable living, but all it takes for each of us is that first step –no matter how small!

We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of our third Second Hand September campaign and encourage you to continue your sustainable fashion choices by choosing second hand and donating your pre-loved clothes. It’s one practical way that we can combat and reduce the harmful effects of fast fashion on our planet and people.

By buying and donating your clothes through Oxfam shops and Fashion Relief, you can give them a second chance to be loved and increase their lifespan, while protecting the planet and raising money to help at risk communities across the world.

Just one purchase, could provide seeds to a small-scale farmer desperate to rebuild her livelihood after disaster strikes.

The power lies with you.

Thank you again!

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'Back to uni' looks from Oxfam and Fashion Relief

Vintage looks all sourced from Fashion Relief and Oxfam shops. Photo: Brian McEvoy

It's not too late to join us for Second Hand September!

Can you really update your wardrobe using only second-hand clothes? Judging by these brilliant buys that were #FoundInOxfam, it seems the answer is a resounding YES!

Over the past few weeks, students from Trinity College and UCD helped us celebrate #SecondHandSeptember with some 'back to uni' looks - and told us why they shop second hand!

Back to Uni Looks with Oxfam and Fashion Relief

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Vintage looks all sourced from Fashion Relief and Oxfam shops. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Vintage looks all sourced from Fashion Relief and Oxfam shops. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Vintage looks all sourced from Fashion Relief and Oxfam shops. Photo: Brian McEvoy

It's never too late to join us for Second Hand September. Check out Fashion Relief, our always-on platform, or pop into your local Oxfam shop today!


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