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Bridie's Four Decades of Volunteering


Meet Bridie, a true Oxfam Ireland legend! She joined the Oxfam Shop in Bray back in 1983.

One memory that never fails to make her smile is the training sessions from way back when they showed a hilarious video featuring the one and only Victoria Wood and her colleagues, demonstrating all the "how not to do it" scenarios. It was a riot!

As Bridie reflects on her 40-year journey with Oxfam Ireland, she can't help but marvel at the changes she's witnessed. What was once a group mainly consisting of retired volunteers has transformed into a vibrant mix of people from all age groups. Youngsters and students have brought fresh perspectives and energy, injecting new life into the organisation.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is Oxfam's physical premises. The place that has been the heart of their operations throughout the years still stands strong, witnessing the flow of volunteers and the impact they make.

When asked about her role, Bridie lights up. Sorting items may have been her main task, but she's always been eager to pitch in wherever needed. “Sure, there were moments of routine, but those were overshadowed by the unwavering dedication to the cause and the incredible camaraderie with her fellow volunteers.” It was the people who truly made the Oxfam experience exceptional for Bridie.

It was in that Oxfam family that connections were formed, friendships blossomed, and that beautiful sense of belonging filled the air.

Bridie's story is a testament to the power of volunteering, the joy of being part of something bigger than oneself, and the incredible bonds that form along the way. She's left an indelible mark on Oxfam Ireland, and her dedication will be remembered for years to come.

Cheers to you, Bridie, and all the volunteers who make a difference every single day! 

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New Range of Italian Vegan Bags

We have some fantastic news to share with you – and just in time for Christmas too!

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Miomojo, a multi-award-winning company creating beautiful bags and accessories. Based in Bergamo, Italy, Miomojo designs and produces cruelty-free accessories and bags to the highest standards, with the aim to create “products that never harm animals, humans or our home – this wonderful planet we live on”.

And now you can bag yourself one of their fabulous designs at 80% off the recommended retail price at select Oxfam Ireland stores across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

One of only 5,200 companies worldwide to hold a B Corporation Certificate – meaning the company meets high standards of performance, accountability and transparency – Miomojo shares our belief that the fashion industry can change and play its part in protecting our planet and creating a world free from poverty, inequality and injustice.

Keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of the Miomojo bags for sale in selected stores right now – as well as which Oxfam stockist is nearest to you!

Happy shopping!

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The very best charity cards


When you purchase an Unwrapped gift, your donation supports Oxfam’s lifesaving work around the world. Your Unwrapped gift helps people living in poverty gain greater levels of self-sufficiency and control over their lives. Oxfam works with communities to determine what they need to change their own lives. Whether it’s a chicken, a cooking stove or a safe water source.


1. You choose your gift - HERE 

2. You choose the card-type (e-card, pdf, or print card) to be delivered to your recipient and personalise the message in the card (optional).

3. You will get a confirmation email after your purchase, containing your receipt.

4. Your symbolic gift is actually a donation - which goes to those who need it most. Because your gifts are considered charitable donations to Oxfam Ireland, your purchases can be tax efficient. For more information, please click here


The money that you, and thousands of others, spend on Oxfam Unwrapped gifts supports the full range of Oxfam's work around the world, from emergency responses to advocacy projects. When you buy an Unwrapped gift, your donation will be allocated to one of four program funds:

1. Saving Lives Fund

We work with communities trying to adapt to climate change by creating emergency response plans and building infrastructure that can better withstand disaster. When it comes to saving lives during a disaster, fast action is critical. Oxfam staff are world leaders in speed and efficiency when it comes to delivering clean water and sanitation, food and shelter in a crisis situation. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated by the sale of gifts such as a Cooking StoveCare for a Baby and Support for a Refugee Family to provide life-saving support to communities experiencing emergencies, whether they are man-made crises, such as the ongoing conflicts in Yemen and Syria, or natural disasters like Cyclone Idai. Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of natural disasters – communities have to be prepared for when the worst happens.

Your Unwrapped gift provides a range of practical supports such as clean water, sanitation facilities, cash vouchers to allow households to buy food, mosquito nets to prevent malaria as well as personal hygiene items.  We also work to ensure that the rights of the most vulnerable – small children and the elderly, people living with HIV and those with disabilities – are recognised and supported.

2. Supporting Livelihoods Fund

We work with communities living in extreme poverty to develop their own solutions and work with them to make their vision a reality. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated by the sale of gifts such as A GoatA Cow and Honeybees to work with poor communities to improve their livelihoods.

Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift helps communities which rely on livestock to earn a sustainable living. However, while the distribution of cows and goats may be the best solution for one community, agricultural training, grain banks or veterinary care might be more beneficial to another. We ensure that families living in extreme poverty have a say in finding the best solution for them and we work with them to make that solution a reality.  Because when people no longer have to worry about the basics, they can provide for their children and plan for their future.  This breaks the cycle of poverty.

3. Water For All - Safe water saves lives

It helps families to thrive. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated through gifts such as Safe Water for a FamilyGet Well Soon and Water for a School to give communities access to clean water and sanitation facilities to help keep them safe from disease. Water and sanitation-related illnesses still cause significant health problems, while poor water supply exacerbates waterborne diseases including cholera and diarrhoea. Our water engineers look for the most effective and efficient ways to bring clean water to communities.

Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift could help set up or maintain a safe water supply with pumps, tanks and taps, purification systems or pipes. It can restore supplies after an emergency and provide health and hygiene training. These skills are critical to community well-being, not just now but well into the future.

4. Investing in the Future Fund

We work with vulnerable communities to ensure that they have access to key essential services such as education and healthcare. Oxfam Ireland uses the funds generated through gifts such as Educate a GirlRoad to an Education or Lifelong Learning to ensure that girls and boys, as well as men and women, have the right to the high-quality education and healthcare that can put them on a path to a sustainable future. Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift will help support girls and women of all ages to learn, grow and reach their potential. Girls are more likely to be kept or taken out of school, denying them life-changing opportunities. We are working to increase access to these vital services by advocating for the availability of resources and empowering poor communities to demand greater accountability from their governments on the allocation of funding for services.

Whatever gift you decide to give, we'll ensure that your money gets to the people who need it most.

If you have more questions about Oxfam Unwrapped, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at irl-unwrapped@oxfam.org. To learn more about Oxfam, please visit www.oxfamireland.org

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WIN BIG and Shop Sustainably with Oxfam

It’s that time of year again! Second Hand September is here –our sustainable fashion challenge, encouraging people to donate to recirculate and dare to re-wear.

We’re excited to say that this year you can shop sustainably and WIN BIG at the same time as we’re issuing a fun competition as part of the campaign! To all those wannabe stylists out there –dress yourself in items from one our shops across the island of Ireland and be in with a chance of winning one of three €100 vouchers for our online tech shop! All you have to do is visit your local Oxfam Ireland shop, browse the rails and find your perfect:

  • Work look (for the office or at home!)
  • Any occasion outfit (and we mean any, from festival fun to wedding chic!),
  • or Everyday ensemble (let’s hear it for jeans and a nice top!)

And then share your amazing pre-loved finds by posting a picture of your look on your Facebook or Instagram page, tagging us @OxfamIreland with the hashtag #SecondhandSeptember

Simple, sustainable fun! More details, as well as the T&Cs, can be found here: oxfamireland.org/shs-win

We hope you’ll join us for Second Hand September this year and get the triple-whammy feel-good factor by:

  • freshening up their wardrobe from our rails of high-quality preloved clothes, shoes and accessories
  • helping to protect our planet by diverting items from landfill
  • and supporting people to beat poverty by raising vital funds for our work worldwide.
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