Three approaches

our three approaches
Sylvester speaking to his village in Tanzania
Sylvester speaking to his village in Tanzania
Photo: Barry McCall / Oxfam

We combine long-term projects, emergency response and campaigning to tackle the root causes of poverty. It’s the power of our three approaches that changes people’s lives forever.

Working in this way, we can help people like Sylvester Massawe of the Morogoro Paralegal Centre who is pictured right speaking to villagers in Mgeta, Tanzania, as they watch a dramatisation of domestic violence.

Together with our local partners, our Tunaweza (We Can) campaign encourages ordinary people to change attitudes and behaviours that result in violence against women by becoming change-makers in the local community.

After signing pledges to work to prevent violence in their lives and in their communities, the change-makers commit to recruiting at least 10 additional change-makers who sign the same pledge.