Four goals

our four goals
Baby Edith being nursed in Malawi
Baby Edith being nursed in Malawi
Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Oxfam
From practical work supporting communities’ efforts to help themselves through to influencing world policy, we support people to empower themselves and achieve a brighter future. We do this by focusing the work you support on four key areas. We call them our change goals.
  1. People power
  2. Services for all
  3. Care in crisis
  4. Equality
They are based on our commitment to five broad rights-based aims:
  • the right to a sustainable livelihood
  • the right to basic social services
  • the right to life and security
  • the right to be heard
  • the right to an identity
This approach helps us to reach people like baby Edith (pictured). Aged just three weeks, Edith is tended to by nurse Lucy Chilinda at the Bwalia ‘Bottom’ Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, where nurses often work 24-hour shifts due to staff shortages. Lucy, who has wanted to be a nurse since she was in primary school, had already worked three such shifts the week this photo was taken. She says: “We have some more money now but it’s not enough. If there is an improvement in salary I want to stay. I would like to help my fellow Malawians.” Thanks to your support, we campaign for more health workers and spending on essential services.
People Power Approach

People Power

Changing the rules that put people in poverty, creating new opportunities for all and reducing the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable.
Services for all approach

Services for all

Ensuring everyone has access to vital services like healthcare and education, and making governments fulfill promises on aid and reducing debt.
Care in Crisis

Care in crisis

Providing better protection and greater help to people in crisis situations and strengthening their ability to withstand future emergencies.
Equality Approach


When women and men are treated as equals everyone benefits. Women have the right to make decisions for themselves and to be treated with respect.