Oxfam welcomes €110m increase in aid budget and commitment to transparent, sustainable and legitimate corporate tax system

Aid agency calls for gender analysis of Budget 2019 and future budgets
Reacting to Budget 2019, Oxfam Ireland Chief Executive Jim Clarken said: 
“Ireland made a commitment to spend 70 cent in every €100 on aid by 2030. Today's announcement of an increase of €110million for the aid budget - bringing it to its highest level in a decade after years of decline - shows strong commitment to delivering on this promise.
“Investing in saving and transforming the lives of people affected by poverty and disaster is not only the right thing to do but it is good for Ireland, supporting peace, stability and development. 
“We welcome the Government's commitment to a transparent, sustainable and legitimate corporate tax system, including their planned review and update of Ireland's transfer pricing rules. 
“Rising inequality is destroying people's lives and makes it impossible to find lasting solutions to global poverty. To end this - at home and overseas - the Government must do more to reform Ireland's corporate tax rules and ensure big businesses and wealthy are paying their fair share of taxes where they pay profit.
“With some increases to social spending, we would like to see a gender analysis of this  budget and all future budgets to ensure that women are positively impacted. Women rely more on part-time work, public services and deliver more unpaid care than men - budget decisions must support them." 
CONTACT: Spokespeople are available. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: 
Alice Dawson-Lyons, Oxfam Ireland: or +353 (0) 83 198 1869
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Oxfam launches appeal for €3 million/£2.6 million to urgently reach half a million people affected by deadly Indonesia earthquake and tsunami


Monday 1st October 2018

Oxfam and partners are scaling up their response to urgently reach 500,000 people after the Indonesian Government called for international support today and announced that more than 2.4 million people have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi.

Oxfam has launched an emergency appeal for €3 million/£2.6 million to meet the immediate needs of those devastated by the disaster, with Oxfam Ireland urging the public here to donate to their Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal to help reach the target as quickly as possible.

Oxfam Ireland’s Chief Executive Jim Clarken said: “It’s a race against time to save lives. Oxfam is scaling up its response to reach 500,000 people with essential aid like shelter packs and ready-to-eat food as well as water purification kits and hygiene supplies to keep people safe and healthy.

“The scale of the damage from the earthquake and tsunami is huge. We’re expecting the death toll to rise significantly as local officials are now counting the bodies in local hospitals and places of worship, while media reports say that mass burials are taking place to prevent the spread of deadly disease.

“In order to reach 500,000 people and more, we’re urgently appealing to the public to be generous by donating at, or in any our local shops. Every single donation will go a long way to providing a vulnerable family with life-saving support. Thank you.”

To donate to Oxfam Ireland’s Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal, visit


Spokespeople are available in the region and in Ireland. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Alice Dawson-Lyons, Oxfam Ireland: or +353 (0) 83 198 1869

NORTHERN IRELAND: Phillip Graham, Oxfam Ireland: or +44 (0) 7841 102535 

Oxfam ready to reach 100,000 people with lifesaving aid after Indonesia earthquake and tsunami



Sunday 30th September 2018

Oxfam plans to reach 100,000 people in Palu city and Donggala district in the coming days after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit towns on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday.

The aid agency and local partners will prioritise distributing ‘ready-to-eat’ meals, water, hygiene supplies and emergency shelter to those in need, while continuing to assess the devastating impact of this double disaster. Oxfam stands ready to deploy additional staff and resources to the area to support the Indonesian Government-led response. 

An estimated 1.5 million people could be affected by the earthquake and tsunami, in addition to the 830 confirmed fatalities. Initial reports suggest that at least 16,732 people were forced from their homes and are scattered across 23 sites, although this number is likely to rise. The main road linking the city of Palu to the rest of Central Sulawesi has been blocked by a landslide and the airport in Palu is operating at half capacity making access difficult.

Ancilla Bere, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Manager in Indonesia, said: “Access and communication remains a big concern with a key road cut off by a landslide and other infrastructure badly damaged. It is encouraging to hear that the Indonesian Armed Forces has mobilised military aircraft and helicopters to reach people in affected areas.”

Jim Clarken, Oxfam Ireland’s Chief Executive, said: “The more information we receive, the more catastrophic the situation appears to be. We know that hundreds of thousands of people are in urgent need of life-saving aid – clean water and sanitation to stop the spread of deadly disease; food and shelter to provide some strength and comfort to those who have lost everything, now traumatised and afraid.

“We’re ready to respond and to scale-up our response as and when required. We’re appealing to the Irish public to stand with us at this crucial time by donating at and are so grateful to all those who already have.”

To donate to Oxfam Ireland’s Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal, visit


Spokespeople available here and in the region. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: 

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Alice Dawson-Lyons, on +353 (0) 83 198

NORTHERN IRELAND: Phillip Graham on 0044 (0) 7841 102535 / 


Oxfam prepares to respond to massive earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

Saturday 29th September 2018                                                                      

Oxfam and its local partners in Indonesia are assessing damage after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit coastal towns in the country’s central island of Sulawesi yesterday (Friday).

Oxfam Ireland’s Chief Executive Jim Clarken said: “All of our staff and partners in the town of Palu are safe and prepared to provide emergency aid to those affected.Our partners have been working closely with the National Disaster Management Agency and local authorities in the affected area to urgently assess the situation on the ground.”

Oxfam has previously established a Humanitarian Knowledge Hub in Indonesia which consists of 16 civil society organisations in the country, led by Jamari Sakato. Oxfam in Indonesia has been working to strengthen the capacity of this alliance as the local force in disaster risk management, and it responded to help people affected by the Lombok earthquake in July 2018.


Spokespeople available from the region and in Ireland.

CONTACT: For interviews or more information, contact: Alice Dawson-Lyons, Oxfam Ireland: or +353 (0) 83 198 1869

Where Do You Stand? – Oxfam explores key issues of our time in interactive drama for Culture Night

This Friday (September 21st) Oxfam Ireland will present simultaneous Culture Night events in both Belfast and Dublin, with an interactive theatre experience exploring some of the key issues of our time.
This thought-provoking event – entitled ‘Where Do You Stand?’ – invites the audience to consider their place in the world while hearing global stories of poverty, displacement, and conflict, influenced by Oxfam’s work around the globe.
Oxfam Ireland’s Content Officer Joanne O’Connor, who penned the drama specially for Culture Night, said: “The play is based on two powerful first-person stories from inspiring women we work with from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda – women who have suffered unimaginable tragedy but overcame to help others survive and even thrive. 
“The fictionalised versions of their stories will be told in familiar accents against an Irish landscape to help bring home the faraway stories we hear again and again in the news – accompanied by images and stories from our own work around the world.
“The audience will certainly feel a strong connection with the drama through an empathy with the characters and their situations. The universal themes of family, separation, loss and hopes for a brighter future will touch a nerve and resonate with people here.” 
The drama consists of two separate monologues, each lasting approximately 10 minutes, with performances repeated at intervals through the evening. 
Actors Amilia Stewart (in Dublin) and Eileen McCloskey (in Belfast) play the role of Rita, a former midwife who fled the violence in her home country when the war intensified and is now an Oxfam-assisted hygiene worker educating a refugee community on the importance of good sanitation. The role of Flonira – who was widowed during the conflict, and used funds earned from an Oxfam-supported cooperative to help pay for her son’s college studies – is played in Dublin by Ciara O'Callaghan and in Belfast by Cathy Brennan-Bradley. 
Left to Right: Cathy Brennan Bradley, Eileen McCloskey, Ciara O'Callaghan, Amilia Stewart
Admission is free and the events will take place at Atlas Language School, Portabello House, Portabello, Dublin 2, from 7 – 10pm; and at the Oxfam Books shop in 35 Ann Street, Belfast BT1 4EB from 5pm – 9.30pm.
For more details about Culture Night, visit and 
Oxfam has spokespeople available for interview. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: 
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Alice Dawson-Lyons, on +353 (0) 83 198 1869 /
NORTHERN IRELAND: Phillip Graham on 0044 (0) 7841 102535 / 
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