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  • Published: 29th August 2023
  • Blog by Melissa Cooke

When disaster strikes, we're there

Lost lives, injuries, infrastructural damage, communities ripped apart. These are all the results of conflict and disaster.

We provide humanitarian assistance to those who need it most. Oxfam works in over 80 countries around the world to urgently respond to disasters and conflict.

We work with partners and  communities before, during and after crises to provide an emergency response and to protect and save lives. We then help people to build resilience with disaster-proof infrastructure, so that they can be less vulnerable to events outside their control in the future.

Disaster and conflict hit the poorest people hardest. It is hard to lift yourself out of poverty when you are constantly being hit by yet another earthquake or surge in conflict.

Some countries are more vulnerable to natural disasters. They experience the heartbreaking and devastating effects of drought, floods, earthquakes, cyclones regularly - all because of their geographic location. These disasters, along with poverty and inequality are among the root causes of conflict and war Inequality is the root cause of poverty and injustice. It, along with conflict and climate breakdown, is causing more people to experience extreme poverty. We envision and work for a different future, where nobody suffers from extreme poverty. When the world is more equal, people will have more resilience to deal with conflict and disaster. We support communities to deal with the devastating effects of disaster –from conflict and war to extreme weather..

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How are Oxfam Responding to Conflict and Disaster