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Equality for all

Women’s rights and gender equality

Halima from Sudan “I've taken three loans over the past three years. I've repaid them all and they've helped me make a success of this stall. It started very small, just a few vegetables, but gradually it has got bigger. I have two children, a boy and a girl, and they are both in school. It helps me pay for their school fees, their doctor's fees, their clothes, their food, children are very expensive! My son eats a lot of food! But I still manage to invest some of the profits in a savings scheme, so that I have money for emergencies. Eventually I want to sell my market stall and open a proper shop.”
 Beauty from Bangladesh “My husband’s family threw me out of the home. I had just had my baby son – Shobuj – and I was still nursing him. My husband’s family then snatched him from me and kept him. When [the Oxfam-supported] ‘We Can’ started this campaign to inform and mobilise people in the community, I became interested and wanted to get involved. I have seen so much unfairness and violence – early marriage, divorce, dowry, violence – these have all been part of my life, and I don’t want any more women to face these problems so I am now a part of this campaign to stop early marriages in our community. I am optimistic about the future because, while we face many challenges, I feel positive when people respond.” Anna from Tanzania “Men are privileged, they have access to resources including land and livestock. I believe that providing women with access to information will empower them more, make them aware of their rights and in the process, they will change or improve their lives.” Emelina from Honduras “I remember being at a community meeting when one of the girls came and asked me if I wanted to join them [Oxfam partner COMUCAP]. I remember being a very shy woman at the time. I was experiencing a lot of violence at home and was afraid to leave my house so I couldn’t participate in their meetings. These five women who started the organisation helped me greatly. Now I am a trained agricultural technician. I sell my coffee to international markets and I train other women to farm and become trainers.”

How we do it

Ending poverty starts with women. So that’s why we put women’s rights at the heart of our work, by supporting women to empower themselves, be decision-makers in their communities and challenge the attitudes that result in violence against women. Thanks to your incredible support, we are:
  • Supporting women to become leaders and powerful decision-makers, ensuring greater control over their lives .
  • Eliminating violence against women by challenging the ideas, attitudes and beliefs that permit violence against women.
  • Ensuring that women’s rights is an integral part of every aspect of the way we work .

Ending poverty starts with women

Women deserve the same rights as men. If women farmers had the same access to land, tools, seeds and credit as men, they could grow enough extra food to feed more than 100 million of the world’s hungriest people.


When women are treated as equals we all reap the benefits. Women and men already using their voices and choices to support our Ending Poverty Starts with Women campaign.

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