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Matiya Women's Cooperative members prepare meals for survivors of the disaster in the courtyard of Nahıl Guesthouse.
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  • Published: 6th February 2024
  • Blog by Melissa Cooke

One year after the earthquake

It’s been a year since a devastating earthquake rocked northern Syria, making things even harder after years of conflict. Oxfam has been at the forefront of relief efforts, extending a helping hand to over two million people with essential aid.


In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, we moved quickly, raising over €50 million globally to address urgent needs in water and sanitation, food security, and protection. Despite these efforts, the journey towards rebuilding shattered communities is far from over. 

The earthquake disrupted lives and increased the vulnerabilities of communities already struggling with the impacts of conflict. Houses were destroyed, roads were wrecked, and it's been tough for everyone as another cold winter approaches. 

Oxfam hasn't stopped helping. We reached out with essential aid to mitigate the immediate impacts of the disaster. However, as the region continues to struggle with the long-term effects, sustained support remains crucial. 

Reflecting on the past year, Oxfam's collaboration with women's cooperatives has been a beacon of hope in the ongoing recovery efforts. Women's cooperatives, supported by Oxfam KEDV, have played a crucial role in providing relief to those displaced by the earthquakes. From running community kitchens to offering temporary accommodations, these cooperatives have been instrumental in providing much-needed support to affected communities. 

As the focus shifts towards long-term recovery and empowerment, Oxfam remains committed to supporting these cooperatives and local communities. Through sustainable initiatives, the aim is not only to rebuild but also to empower communities. 

The road to recovery remains challenging. However, with continued support and solidarity, Oxfam is dedicated to standing by the affected communities every step of the way.