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The right to make a decent living
The right to make a decent living

The right to make a decent living

Leyla, Malawi
Leyla, (pictured top left) lives in Malawi. “We pool our labour to cultivate large pieces of land. That way we can grow more and attract better customers – like the Mulanje canning factory. I hope the benefits of the scheme continue so that our children have a better foundation for the future.”

Maka, Niger
Mala (pictured top right) lives in Niger. “The last harvest was poor. We have already exhausted our reserves of millet. But thanks to the vegetable garden [irrigation provided by Oxfam and our partner Karkaraen], we have been able to help our families. We have been eating the vegetables and still have enough to sell earn money to buy cereal grains. Without the garden we would not be able to survive.”

Ernesto, Peru
Ernesto (pictured bottom left) lives in Peru. “We get lots of wind now, and we didn’t used to. And there's a lot of frost and snowfall, which is affecting us greatly. To help us prepare for the colder weather [with the help of Oxfam and our partner Asociacion Proyeccion] we have built sheds for animals, and have planted for times when food is scarce. Before, the animals would get weak. Now, with the pastures, their energy improves, and they are more resistant to the cold, even if we don't have sheds. We get more money as a result, and the difference is because of the improved animals.”

Henry, Malawi
Henry (pictured bottom right) lives in Malawi. “The most important thing for our family is that we have enough food as we grow different crops as a result [of Oxfam-supported agricultural training], we do not only depend on maize for food. We mix maize flour with cassava or sorghum so that we always have plenty. What we need to do as farmers is to adapt to the changing weather and utilise all possible opportunities in producing different crops so that we can survive.”

How we do it

From supporting small-scale farmers to campaigning for fairer trade agreements, we are helping people affected by poverty and injustice to build a sustainable way of living.

Thanks to your incredible support, we are:

  • Improving the lives of people relying on farming and agriculture to make a living and changing the rules so that farmers get a decent reward for their hard work.
  • Ensuring poorer countries get a fair share of the wealth and opportunities created across the world by making trade rules fairer.
  • Helping people adapt to climate change – which nearly always hits poorest communities hardest – and campaigning for global action.