Thank You For Saying Yes to Second Hand September

Thank You For Saying Yes to Second Hand September

We did it! You took a stand by saying YES TO SECOND HAND for the month of September.

Together, we diverted clothing from landfill and turned up the volume on the many issues surrounding throwaway fashion. By posting your amazing #SecondHandSeptember finds you also helped to change perceptions of second hand shopping while inspiring others to reuse, rewear and recycle.

Thank you so much for your support!

Together, we have the power to make long lasting and meaningful changes that will help protect –both the land we live on and the air we breath, and the workers rights of the women and men who make our clothes.

To combat the climate crisis, we need to continue voicing the urgency for change. This will not be an easy fix and there will be bumps on the journey to sustainable living, but all it takes for each of us is that first step –no matter how small!

We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of our third Second Hand September campaign and encourage you to continue your sustainable fashion choices by choosing second hand and donating your pre-loved clothes. It’s one practical way that we can combat and reduce the harmful effects of fast fashion on our planet and people.

By buying and donating your clothes through Oxfam shops and Fashion Relief, you can give them a second chance to be loved and increase their lifespan, while protecting the planet and raising money to help at risk communities across the world.

Just one purchase, could provide seeds to a small-scale farmer desperate to rebuild her livelihood after disaster strikes.

The power lies with you.

Thank you again!

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