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  • Published: 2nd August 2022
  • Blog by Samantha Andrades

" I've taken 2 of my children out of school so they can work and help me provide food for our family"

Photo by Ayman Fuad

In Abyan Governorate in Yemen, Aryam lives with her eight family members. Aryam was forced to flee from her village to protect her family after she was divorced.

Before receiving aid from Oxfam, Aryam's life was full of suffering, unable to afford enough food for the whole family. Sometimes they only ate one meal a day.

Aryam's mother is suffering from a blood clotting condition that requires regular medication and her daughter suffers from a sore ear, which needs to be washed on a monthly basis.

"I had to sell my home furniture to provide medicine and some food for my children," Aryam said with sadness.

In Abyan Governorate, there are more than 60,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) and most of them are living in inadequate conditions without basic essentials and no income.

It is also hard for Aryam to keep all of her children in education because of the cost of buying textbooks and school uniforms. She had to make the difficult decision to take two of her children out: "I have taken two of my children out of school so they can work and help me provide food and medicine for our family."

Aryam's story is an example of the devastating impact of the conflict in Yemen. We are on the ground, working hard to assist the people of Yemen by providing the most vulnerable families with cash to purchase food, water and medicine.

Aryam said: “I received cash assistance from Oxfam, I will buy food with it, I will also buy flour and vegetables, I will also buy some medicine for my mother and my daughter.”

We have provided more than 900 families living in Abyan Governorate with unconditional cash transfers as part of our food security programme funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.

Despite the suffering in her life, Aryam is always optimistic and hopes that the conflict will end soon.