It's the End of Second Hand September

It's the End of Second Hand September

We did it! In Ireland, over 1,200 of you proudly took on the challenge and said no to new clothes for 30 days. Together, we diverted 29 tonnes of clothing from landfill – the emissions equivalent of driving around the world four times! Thank you so much for your support!

You’ve also helped to kickstart conversations around fast fashion, changed perceptions of second-hand shopping by posting your amazing outfits, and are inspiring others by sharing why you reuse, rewear and recycle.

Together, we have the power to make a lasting, fashionable change in Ireland. Right now, the fashion industry emits more carbon dioxide emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined! To combat climate change, we need to continue voicing the urgency for change. In Belfast and Dublin, we proudly marched at the climate strikes alongside thousands of students who are worried about the planet they will inherit. The climate crisis is not an easy fix and there will be bumps on the journey to sustainable living, but all it takes for each of us is that first step – no matter how small!

We hope you’ve loved being part of the first ever Second Hand September and that you continue to shop sustainably, buy second-hand and upcycle your clothes. It’s the only way that we can combat and reduce the harmful effects of fast fashion on our planet and its people. By buying and donating your clothes through Oxfam shops, you can give them a second chance to be loved and increase their lifespan, while protecting the planet and raising money to help the poorest people around the world. Just one purchase in our shops could provide desperately needed seeds to a farmer desperate to rebuild her livelihood after a natural disaster.

The power is in all our hands. Thank you again!

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