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  • 2 mins read time
  • Published: 30th September 2020
  • Blog by Caroline Reid

Get your wardrobe winter-ready

Five easy steps to clear the clutter

We can safely say that summer is over for another year. And if you want to get your wardrobe winter-ready, you could start by taking a cold, hard look at all of that clutter.

Our wardrobes are so often packed with clothes that it’s almost impossible to see what’s even in them.

From the jeans you’ll definitely wear as soon as you’ve lost a few pounds, to that ill-fitting dress you panic-bought for a Christmas party, our closets and drawers are full of clothes that will never see the light of day.

So, when your wardrobe has reached breaking point, there’s only one thing to do – declutter!

wardrobe of clothes
Top tip: Keep categories of clothing in your wardrobe together so they are easier to see

Five easy steps to clear the clutter

  1. First, take everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – out of your wardrobe and drawers.
  2. Separate the items you need and/or love from everything else. (Top tip: If you haven’t worn an item for a year or more, it might be time to say goodbye. Clothes for special occasions don’t count.)
  3. Put all the items you’re keeping back into the wardrobe, keeping categories of clothes (dresses, tops and trousers, for example) together so that they’re easier to see. (Another top tip: Non-slip hangers will prevent your clothes from falling to the bottom of your decluttered wardrobe.)
  4. Bag all of the items you no longer want.
  5. Drop them off at your local Oxfam shop so that someone else can give them a second life!