Oxfam in Syria

The human suffering caused by the eight years of civil war in Syria is overwhelming. We’re helping those affected by the crisis, across Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan and in Greece, Serbia and Macedonia.


Oxfam has reached over 2 million people affected by the Syria crisis – refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as communities inside Syria.


Our operations inside Syria focus on providing clean water to people affected by the conflict through the rehabilitation of water infrastructure, water trucking and repairing of wells.


A quarter of the pre-war population has crossed into Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, to seek safety – that’s an average of 2,500 people crossing the border every day for the past five years. More than 70 percent of refugees in Lebanon and 86 percent in Jordan live below the national poverty line.


We’ve reached nearly 1 million refugees in Jordan and Lebanon with clean drinking water, cash and relief supplies, such as blankets, stoves and vouchers for hygiene supplies.


We’re also helping families get the information they need about their rights and connecting them to medical, legal and support services.


Campaigning for a political solution for those forced to flee


Providing life-saving support to the millions of people affected by this devastating conflict is essential but it’s not enough.


We all deserve to live in safety. And we all have the right to refuge when our safety and dignity is threatened. We’ve been campaigning and advocating to protect the right to refuge for people fleeing conflict, persecution and disaster around the world. We continue to call on governments to ensure people forced to flee can do so safely and legally and to reunite families torn apart.


Learn more about our 'Right to Refuge' campaign.


In December 2016 the Syrian Arab Red Crescent distributed 300 Oxfam family hygiene kits, including washing powder, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and towels, in Aleppo. Photo: Oxfam/SARC