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Fedir (18) in a reception center in Rzeszow, Poland.

My Journey from Conflict to Resilience

Fedir Ukrainian refugee
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In the quiet corners of Fedir's life, the tranquillity was almost deafening.

As an ambitious young man on the brink of adulthood, he eagerly prepared for his final exams, yet an underlying restlessness nagged at his spirit.

Fedir longed for a touch of excitement, a chance to break free from the predictable rhythm of his days. Little did he know that the chaos of war would soon sweep away the calm he had grown accustomed to.

Sheltered from the Storm

For 16 days, Fedir and his mother sought refuge in the safety of their basement. It was a time of uncertainty, where every moment was marked by fear and anticipation. Disconnected from the outside world, their phones rendered useless by the invading forces, they were left in the dark, unable to grasp the unfolding events or seek solace in information.

A Risky Path to Freedom

In the midst of the conflict, as whispers of escape began to circulate, Fedir and his mother faced a pivotal decision. The green corridors offered a glimmer of hope, but tales of danger and treachery cast a shadow of doubt. Uncertain of their destination, they took their time, gathering the right information, and mustered the courage to take the first step towards a new life.

Fedir in his sleeping station

A Beacon of Safety and Opportunity

After careful consideration, Fedir and his mother set their sights on the United Kingdom. The familiarity with the language, the renowned educational system, and the reputation for safety made it a compelling choice. With a father in Germany and dreams of studying biotechnology, Fedir saw the UK as a promising haven to rebuild their lives.

Adapting Dreams

The war forced Fedir to adapt his dreams and plans. The once-carefree outlook on the future had been replaced by the necessity of survival. However, amidst the adjustments, Fedir remained grateful for the gift of life. While his path may have taken unexpected turns, he clung to the hope that new opportunities would arise, and his resilience would carry him forward.

Love and Help in the Polish Refugee Centre

Arriving in the Polish city of Joseph, Fedir and his mother found themselves embraced by a community overflowing with love and support. The Polish people, displaying boundless kindness, extended a helping hand during their time at the refugee centre. It was a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity and the power of compassion to heal the wounds inflicted by conflict.

Fedir with Jenya

Fedir's journey from the calmness of his pre-war life to the uncertainties of escape highlights the resilience of the human spirit.

While the war altered his plans and tested his resolve, he remains grateful for the love and assistance he received along the way. With determination and adaptability, Fedir looks towards the future, ready to reshape his dreams and carve a new path in a world forever changed by the ravages of war.