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Zeynep survivor of the Turkiye and Syria Earthquake

Earthquake Survivor and Community Leader

Zeynep Çivi, a 20-year-old earthquake survivor
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Zeynep Çivi, a 20-year-old earthquake survivor from Samandağ, Hatay province, is one such remarkable individual. Not only did Zeynep display incredible strength and courage during the earthquake, but she also embraced her role as a community mobiliser, serving as a crucial link between affected individuals and aid organisations.

The Earthquake

Zeynep vividly recalls the fateful moment when the earthquake struck her hometown.

Initially, she underestimated the severity of the situation, but as the tremors intensified, she sprang into action, ensuring the safety of her family members. Despite the chaos and uncertainty, Zeynep's presence of mind allowed her to alert her loved ones and evacuate to a safer location before their house crumbled.

This firsthand experience of the earthquake motivated Zeynep to make a difference in the lives of her fellow survivors.

From Survivor to Community Mobiliser

Living in a tent with her family after the earthquake, Zeynep channelled her energy into supporting her community. She embraced the role of a community mobiliser, collaborating with organisations like Oxfam KEDV to facilitate essential activities such as distribution and information dissemination.

Zeynep's presence within her community was invaluable, as she helped register recipients, provided crucial information, and collected feedback and complaints to ensure the effectiveness of relief efforts.

Zeynep Çivi Turkiye and Syria Earthquake

The Power of Community Engagement

Zeynep understood the significance of community participation in post-disaster recovery and relief operations. As a community mobiliser, she played a vital role in bridging the communication gap between aid organizations and affected individuals. Zeynep's efforts were instrumental in mobilising her community, fostering unity, and ensuring that everyone's voices were heard.

Her dedication to helping others and her ability to empathize with their struggles made her an inspiration to many.

Finding Fulfillment in Serving Others

For Zeynep, the work of a community mobiliser was not just a responsibility; it was a source of personal fulfilment. Being able to make a positive impact on people's lives brought her immense joy and satisfaction. Despite the challenges she faced, Zeynep remained resilient and unwavering in her commitment to assisting others. Her unwavering spirit serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of empathy.

Delivery of hygiene kits in Samandag, Hatay province

Zeynep Çivi's journey from being an earthquake survivor to a community leader is a testament to the resilience and determination of individuals in the face of adversity.

Her unwavering commitment to helping others, even in the midst of personal struggles, serves as a shining example of the human spirit's capacity for compassion and empathy.

Through her work as a community mobiliser, Zeynep has not only provided vital support to her fellow survivors but has also inspired hope and unity within her community.

Zeynep's story serves as a reminder that, with patience, determination, and a spirit of service, we can rebuild our lives and create a brighter future, even in the aftermath of a disaster.