When an emergency hits, Oxfam is there. We work with local partners on the ground so we can save lives during times of crisis and reduce future risks. We help people caught up in natural disasters and conflicts by providing clean water, food, sanitation and protection. At any given time, we’re responding to over 30 emergency situations, giving life-saving support to those most in need.

Yemen appeal

As conflict escalates in Yemen, cholera and hunger are tightening their grip. A staggering 65% of Yemenis don't know where their next meal is coming from and at least one million people have contracted cholera. We are stepping up our work in Yemen to help families in desperate need. Since the beginning of the conflict, our teams have reached more than 3 million people with much-needed clean water, cash assistance and food vouchers. By making a donation you'll halt famine in its tracks. You'll help mothers breathe a sigh of relief. You'll bring smiles to children's faces as they finally taste proper food.

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Yemen Appeal

Syria & the global refugee crisis

Every three seconds, someone flees their home because of violence, poverty or disaster. Millions of refugees – many of them children - are trying to survive on the move. Oxfam is working tirelessly to give vital support to those who’ve lost everything.

Oxfam is on the ground in nine out of the 10 main countries of origin for refugees in the world including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as in neighbouring host countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, along with supporting displaced people in countries like the Central African Republic and Bangladesh. In Europe, our programmes are in Greece, Italy, Serbia and Macedonia.

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Famine & hunger crises

Millions of families are at risk of starvation as famine threatens parts of South Sudan as well as Somalia, and Yemen.

This is a crisis we cannot ignore. Worsening hunger and the spread of famine are imminent, but not inevitable.

We can stop the worst from happening and prevent catastrophic loss of life if we act now.

Help save lives by supporting Oxfam's work and providing emergency aid to those who need it most.


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