Make tax fair

Minister Donohoe, it’s time to lift the lid on tax dodging

The global tax system is toxic and driving inequality – it helps the rich get richer by allowing some companies legally avoid paying tax. Meanwhile, it is the poor – who are landed with higher tax bills and inadequate public services – that pay the price. 

To tackle this unfair practice, we need to lift the lid on tax dodging by making firms publish where they make profits and pay their taxes. A change in the law would stop companies artificially moving their profits to tax havens, or using loopholes and secret deals to avoid paying their fair share. And it would let the public and governments in developing countries see what’s really going on. 

In 2015, the Government announced it would share information about what companies pay to the tax authorities of some other states. But to really lift the lid on tax dodging, the Government needs to go further and make these details public and available to developing countries. After all, it is these nations which bear the brunt of tax dodging.



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