In terms of our advocacy work with business we have sought to shift the role of business in society.

We want to see a wholesale transformation of ‘business as usual’, with new, equitable business models designed to share power and value with stakeholders while maximising positive impacts for people. Secondly, we work with companies across their value chains to protect people’s human rights, improve smallholders’ and workers’ livelihoods; promote women’s economic empowerment, and create a sustainable future for everyone.

Oxfam believes that companies can take steps to be better employers, buyers, and partners with their suppliers to raise the bar in tackling gender inequalities and promoting living wages, as well as creating a sustainable future by adopting proven, best practice approaches. We also encouraging governments to develop effective legislation, helping to create a rising tide of responsible business practice.

Where people are unable to access their fundamental rights, or business practices are harming the most vulnerable, Oxfam campaigns for change. We collaborate with others to create lasting solutions, and advocate for more progressive policies to help guide businesses towards more responsible, inclusive practices. We advocate for appropriate legal regulatory frameworks to be put in place that creates a level playing field to provide businesses with certainty as to what their obligations are; that give consumers and citizens confidence that businesses are taking appropriate actions to fulfil their human rights obligations, and that provide those most impacted by human rights abuse with clear access to remedy.

If you would like to discuss how your company can get involved with Oxfam Ireland, please contact or call (+353) 1 6727662.