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Corporate Engagement

When businesses operate in a just and sustainable way, the people they impact can thrive not just survive. This is the ambition at the heart of our corporate engagement. Working in open collaboration, we help the private sector to meet their sustainability goals, improve the rights and livelihoods of the workers in their supply chains and prioritise ending poverty and protecting our planet.

Ways to get involved

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Take Back Scheme

An easy and effective way for businesses to empower their employees and clients to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill.

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Sustainability Challenge

Facilitate your staff coming together and helping fund Oxfam’s climate justice programmes while living more sustainably.

Why Get Involved?

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Promoting Sustainable Fashion

We want a circular economy, one that prioritises reuse, re-wear and repair and protects our planet.


Promoting Human Rights in Global Supply Chains

We're striving to ensure workers worldwide can earn a living wage with dignity in decent conditions.

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Improving Livelihoods for Farmers

We work with smallholder farmers to secure the finance, training and tools needed to grow their businesses.

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Women's Economic Empowerment

We work with women to improve their livelihoods and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

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Better Business

We're helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to prioritise fairness, sustainability and human rights.

Join the others

Here are a few already involved with us

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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to join us - volunteer, donate, speak out and shop with us.

Volunteer With Us

Oxfam volunteers are making a huge impact everyday by supporting in our offices and distribution centre, as well as campaigning for change.

Fundraise With Us

Your support is invaluable. Together, we can build a just and sustainable world.

Campaign With Us

Your voice can make a big difference. Together, we can end the inequalities driving poverty and injustice.

Shop With Us

Snap up clothes, accessories, bags, homewares and more, all while raising poverty-beating, planet-protecting funds for Oxfam's work worldwide.


Your generosity addresses the devastating impact of poverty right now, while working to end it in the long-term.