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Mareya Ibrahim, stands among the carcasses of her livestock.
  • 2 mins read time
  • Published: 26th March 2024
  • Blog by Samantha Andrades

Responding to East Africa's Hunger Crisis

The hunger crisis in East Africa. It's a tough subject, but one we can't ignore because lives are at stake.


In East Africa, children's cries of hunger echo through communities already struggling to survive. Climate change has hit hard, bringing failed rains and barren soil that have decimated crops and livestock. Families, like Sowda's, are facing unimaginable challenges. Once providers, they're now watching their children go hungry, helpless in the face of depleted resources and desperation.

It's a harsh reality. When disaster strikes, it's the most vulnerable who suffer the most. Poverty traps families in a cycle of need, leaving them defenceless against the relentless aggression of climate change, conflict, and disease. With food prices soaring beyond their reach, East African families, especially the little ones, are bearing the impact of this crisis.

But here's where things can change. With your help, we can make a difference. Cash transfers are a lifeline for families like Sowda's. Your generosity can empower them to access essential resources with dignity and choice. A cash transfer is the fastest, most effective way to help right now.

Ebla hussein ahmed at her local market.

Here's how it works: your contributions are deposited into accounts for families in need. Instead of relying on handouts or embarking on long treks for basics, families can head to local markets and buy what they need most, whether it's rice, baby formula, or other essentials. Cash transfers give them the flexibility to address their unique circumstances.

Malnutrition is a heartbreaking consequence of this crisis. From wasting to stunted growth, its effects are profound and lasting. Kids suffer, unable to learn properly and falling prey to everyday illnesses that become life-threatening without proper nutrition.

Your kindness can make all the difference. By reaching out, you're offering hope and support to those who need it most. 

The East Africa hunger crisis is a big deal, but together, we can make a big impact.