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Gaza Conflict destruction
  • 1 mins read time
  • Published: 4th October 2023
  • Blog by Melissa Cooke

Nowhere to Go

People trapped in Gaza have nowhere safe to go to.

When people hear of shelters in a conflict zone, images of reinforced structures stocked with supplies come to mind. This is not the case in Gaza.

“A shelter in Gaza is not a reinforced basement, it’s not an equipped, pre- prepared shelter, it’s  literally schools,” says Fidaa Alaraj, Oxfam Food Security, Cash & Protection Coordinator (in Gaza).

“UNRWA schools, that have been designated to be used in cases of need for shelter, like this situation.

“Basically they are schools and that’s it, they don’t hold stock, equipment or non-food items, mattresses or sleeping equipment."

Fidaa notes that these shelters are not suitable for families to live in.

“They are not ready to receive families, they are not ready for an everyday
life, they only provide a place to sleep in or to stay in,” she continues.

“Some of them have already been targeted so they are not very safe.