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  • Published: 11th June 2024
  • Press Release by Kate Braydne

Response to the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution

In response to the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution, Oxfam Ireland's CEO, Jim Clarken, said:

We welcome this overdue agreement on the need for a complete and immediate ceasefire from the Council as Gaza is now on the brink of famine. And this is one famine that can be avoided if the Council resolution progresses speedily,” said Clarken.

“Food and other essential supplies are piled up and the passing of this resolution should allow full and unimpeded humanitarian access. It must, because we know that last month, 85 per cent of Gazan children did not eat for a whole day at least once in the three days before the survey was conducted. This situation has only been worsening as humanitarian access is now almost non-existent,” he said.

“Member States must also make clear that Israel's occupation of the whole of Gaza must come to an end under the proposed deal, as well as the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

“It is critical that all military forces withdraw: this plan must not lead to permanent occupation or de facto annexation, which would kill any hope for a just and lasting peace.

“We urge Member States and the international community to ensure the swift and full implementation of this resolution; to uphold commitments to end the occupation and blockade; and support efforts for unrestricted humanitarian access and inclusive reconstruction in Gaza,” concluded Clarken.

Oxfam’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Sally Abi Khalil, made clear that Oxfam supports a full and complete ceasefire, the release of hostages and unlawfully detained prisoners, and for humanitarian aid to reach people in Gaza urgently.

“After eight months of brutal war, it is a long overdue and promising step to see the Council speak with one voice,” she said.


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