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  • Published: 13th October 2023

Responding to Israeli Government's Order to Evacuate Gaza

Responding to the Israeli government’s order for northern Gaza to evacuate, Jim Clarken, Oxfam Ireland Chief Executive, said:

“The world can see that this evacuation order is both utterly inhumane and impossible. The Israeli government must rescind it immediately.

The latest updates we’ve received from our colleagues in Gaza are of a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions. There are hospitals full of patients – men, women, children, and elderly people – who cannot evacuate. Even for those who could move, there is no food, no water, no fuel and little shelter. This must be stopped.

We commend the Irish Government’s strong call to rescind this order and their leadership on this crisis to date, most notably their efforts to maintain EU humanitarian aid to Palestine and protect international humanitarian law. Innocent civilians are paying the price for this escalation in violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in Israel, with heartbreaking levels of death and destruction.

Conflict always hits the poorest and most vulnerable first and worst – 80 percent of people in Gaza already depended on humanitarian assistance before last weekend.

We welcome and join the Irish Government in calling for an immediate end to hostilities and for a peaceful, permanent solution to the conflict.

Oxfam has been working in the region since the 1950s, with over 60 Palestinian and Israeli partners. We stand ready to respond to the devastating humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza as soon as the airstrikes, missiles, and violence ends. Today, however, our staff are sending us terrifying messages; they are sheltering in their homes or displaced with their extended families, some trying to find safety in hospitals that have already been damaged by airstrikes. They are in darkness, pleading to know what is happening. One last message received told us, ‘Please pray for us and forgive us if we don't end up making it through this tough time’.

We implore the international community to use its utmost influence to intervene. It is incumbent upon Israel and all parties to obey international humanitarian law; they must distinguish between military and civilian targets. We call on Israel to immediately recall this evacuation order and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.”


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