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Yes Yes Vote
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  • Published: 1st February 2024
  • Press Release by Clare Cronin

It’s time to give the women of Ireland a break

Oxfam Ireland calls for Yes Yes vote in upcoming family and care referendums

Oxfam Ireland is pleased to join our sister civil society organisations in the Yes Yes platform calling for Yes Yes votes in the referendums on the 8th of March.

A Yes Yes vote on the 8th of March will advance the feminist agenda. It’s time to give the women of Ireland a break
— Bríd McGrath, director of public affairs for Oxfam Ireland.

“We are convinced that voting Yes on both referendums will bring us two steps closer to achieving greater justice for children, women and carers.”

“Voting Yes to the Family amendment is a no-brainer expanding the definition of family to reflect the reality of life in Ireland, finally acknowledging families outside of outdated archetypes.

“Voting Yes to the Care amendment will replace offensive language with the promise of a new system where the state values care – unpaid and  underpaid care – and will make great efforts to support its provision via financial, legislative and policy means. Care, as we know, is a highly gendered activity. Women in Ireland put in 38 million hours of unpaid care work every week, adding at least €24 billion of value to the Irish economy every year. It’s time to move beyond patronising empty praise of women and to give them a well-deserved break”.

“The feminist struggle will not end on the 8th of March but it will be an important milestone along the way. Armed with the new constitutional amendments and stated support of the people of Ireland, we will continue our quest for true equality in the courts, in the Oireachtas, in boardrooms, council chambers, on the streets, in our communities and in our own homes,” said McGrath.

“This referendum is the first opportunity in 87 years to take out language that has culturally stereotyped women. A Yes vote is a strong message to government that women and men and our daughters and sons can be anything they want to be. A Yes vote will tell our government that they must invest in all forms of care and support people in need. We need to value democratic participation and turn out to use our vote for a Yes Yes.”
— Professor Mary Murphy, Chair of Oxfam Ireland



Clare Cronin | Head of Communications and Campaigns| Oxfam Ireland


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