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  • 2 min read
  • Published: 30th August 2022
  • Written by Christine Bale

Ban Fossil Fuel Ads to Avert Extreme Climate Change

28 million people across Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan are facing crisis levels of hunger. This situation is partly as a result of a climate crisis that they are the least responsible for causing.

Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, representing 2.5% of the world’s population, account for just 0.1% of global carbon emissions[1]. It is estimated that Ireland produces nearly 54 times higher emissions than Somalia alone[2], despite having a third of its population.

Seeing the climate emergency unfold before our eyes is deeply worrying. Especially when fossil fuel companies continue to pump out greenwashing advertisements that suggest they are taking the climate crisis seriously.

But there is still have hope. In the latest IPCC report, scientists were clear that a path still exists to meet the 1.5C goal and avert some of the worst climate catastrophes[3]. But we have to act now, together.

If there ever was a moment to ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships across Europe, that moment is here and now. Can you sign the petition to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry and ban fossil fuel advertising completely?

As tobacco companies did, fossil fuel companies are pumping money into advertising and sponsorship in a last-ditch attempt to stay afloat, deliberately ignoring all the scientific evidence showing that they are a threat to our health and the health of the planet. If it wasn’t clear already, it is now: our reliance on fossil fuels is choking our planet.

We need to act fast. Already, billions of people are being affected disproportionately by extreme weather driven by climate change and it’s the poorest and most vulnerable communities that are bearing the brunt of the impact particularly in the Global South[4].

Just like the tobacco industry, fossil fuel industries make profit on the back of people’s suffering. We must take action quickly, before things get even worse. Can you take 2 minutes to sign the petition to ban fossil fuel advertisement and sponsorship?

We are in the middle of a climate crisis, this is not breaking news, and it’s no revelation to say that the fossil fuels industry is responsible.

It’s time to ban the deadly fossil fuel propaganda that’s driving us deeper into the climate emergency. Sign the petition and together, we can power a #FossilFreeRevolution!

Thanks for standing with us.

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