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coop vegetable garden malawi

Women Farmers and Business Owners Becoming Economically Independent

Last year with the support of Irish Aid and the Irish public, Oxfam Ireland reached 12.2 million people across 12 countries.

Reaching 12.2 million includes

  • Direct support like providing tools and training to help grow livelihoods or clean fresh water for people forced to flee
  • Indirect support like mass media campaigns to challenge socials norms that contribute to poverty and inequality or raise awareness about how to stay safe during emergencies.

In Kasungu, Malawi with the support of Irish Aid, we were able to help women farmers and small business owners to become economically independent.

Listen to their stories

Ms Mpango story and the cooperative movement in Malawi 

In 2016 could barely buy anything" says Ms Mpango Your support has helped her feel independent, in raising and educating 4 children.


Meet Rosaria an independent woman farmer from Malawi

“Now our homes never run out of food” says Rosaria. Your support makes Rosaria feel independent and equal to her husband.

coop vegetable garden malawi
coop vegetable garden malawi


Malawi's communities are increasing their agriculture production

“Now the community is able to generate better income”

Thanks to your support, communities in Malawi increased their agriculture production and are able to make a fair profit.

The cooperative movement produced a revolution in Irish agriculture and society and now the same leap forward is being felt by some of the world’s poorest farmers in Malawi.

coop vegetable garden malawi