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Salem and Omar in Alswidan Camp, Yemen

Life in Alswidan Camp

Stop Starving Yemen

Salem_ and Omar_ in Alswidan Camp, Marib
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Salem, a 45-year-old man residing in Alswidan Camp (Yemen).

Through Salem's experiences, we understand the challenges faced by internally displaced people in Yemen.

From the loss of a child to the lack of education, harsh living conditions, limited resources, and constant fear, Salem's story sheds light on the heartbreaking realities of life in the camp.

Loss and Relocation

Salem's journey begins with the tragic loss of his seven-month-old son, who was hit by a car in December 2020. Forced to leave their home in Halib Nihm due to the conflict, Salem and his family embarked on a series of relocations, moving from one camp to another.

This constant upheaval disrupted their lives and resulted in a lack of educational opportunities for their children.

Harsh Living Conditions

Arriving in Alswidan Camp, Salem and his family encountered the harsh climate and frequent storms of Marib. The initial storm destroyed their tents, leaving them with minimal shelter.

With a small tent measuring only 3x4 meters, seven family members had to squeeze into tight quarters. The dangerous practice of cooking inside the tents has led to several fire accidents in the area.

Salem and Omar in Alswidan Camp, Marib

Scarcity of Resources

Life in Alswidan Camp is marked by a scarcity of essential resources. Food aid has been discontinued for over a year, leaving families to struggle for sustenance. Additionally, the water supply is limited to 500 litres per family, regardless of size. This insufficient allocation poses challenges, especially considering the intermittent supply, sometimes lasting only a few days at a time.

Limited Healthcare Services

Access to adequate healthcare services is another pressing issue in the camp. Salem recounts a tragic incident where his youngest boy drowned in water due to a lack of immediate medical aid. The clinic in the camp provides only basic medicines, leaving residents with limited options for comprehensive healthcare. Financial constraints further complicate accessing necessary medical treatment.

Fear and Uncertainty

Living in Alswidan Camp is characterized by constant fear and uncertainty. The absence of a stable future and a lack of income resources amplify the residents' concerns. The looming threat of military actions creates a pervasive sense of anxiety and insecurity among the community. Families, including Salem's, live in perpetual fear, making it challenging for individuals to leave the camp even for essential reasons.

Omar feeding a goat

Salem's story offers a glimpse into the arduous reality faced by internally displaced people in Yemen.

The loss, lack of education, harsh living conditions, scarce resources, and constant fear paint a grim picture of life in Alswidan Camp.

It is imperative for the international community to address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and provide the necessary support to alleviate the suffering of families like Salem's.

Only through concerted efforts can we hope to build a brighter future where children can receive an education, families can live in peace, and the fundamental needs of all individuals are met.