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Nazrah Mohsen with her daughters and beehives

Empowering Lives Through Beehive Construction

Nazrah Mohsen looking at the camera

The inspiring story of Nazrah Mohsen, a 35-year-old mother of five children, residing in the Abyan governorate (Yemen). Despite facing financial constraints, Nazrah's determination and passion for building beehives led her to overcome adversity and improve her living conditions.

Through the support of Oxfam, Nazrah was able to establish her own business, transforming her life and creating a positive impact on her community.

A Journey of Hope and Transformation

Two years ago, Nazrah embarked on a journey in the field of beehive construction. Due to her financial situation, she initially worked with others on a cash basis, unable to afford the necessary equipment for her own venture. However, Nazrah's love for building beehives and her dream of increasing sales and profits to enhance her family's livelihood never wavered.

When Oxfam arrived in her area, Nazrah saw an opportunity for change. She registered with the organisation and was granted financial support that allowed her to launch her own project. With her husband by her side, she invested in an electric chainsaw and all the essential equipment required for this line of work. Together, they began cutting, constructing, and nailing wood to create high-quality beehives suitable for bee breeding.

The impact of this newfound independence was immediate.

Initially producing only a few beehives, Nazrah soon witnessed a surge in demand as people flocked to purchase her products. Some customers sold the beehives at local markets, while others used them for their personal bee breeding endeavours. With her growing success, Nazrah's living conditions improved significantly. She was able to enrol her children in school, renovate her house, and even set aside savings for unexpected expenses. Additionally, she acquired a cow and a small TV, bringing joy to her children's lives.

Nazrah Mohsen and her husband building a beehive

Challenges in Changing Times

While Nazrah experienced a period of prosperity, recent circumstances have presented new challenges. Currency exchange fluctuations and the ongoing conflict have resulted in increased prices for the necessary materials and supplies. Consequently, the demand for Nazrah's beehives has dwindled, affecting her sales significantly. Despite her efforts to sell the beehives in the market, the diminished interest from buyers has posed a setback.

Furthermore, the appreciation of currency has led to a surge in sugar prices, a crucial component of beekeeping. This additional obstacle has impacted Nazrah's ability to maintain her business and sustain her family's income.

Nazrah Mohsen building a beehive

My aspirations for the future are simple, like purchasing a small generator to operate the electric chainsaw because the electricity is unstable in our area, which affects my work and the number of beehives that I can build.

In addition, I want to buy a small wooden store to store the electric chainsaw to protect it from rain and the sun, as well as beehives, to breed bees to increase my sources of income for my family