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An Imminent Famine in Gaza


This crisis is unprecedented. This is the fastest decline in a population’s nutrition status ever recorded. The people of Gaza are being starved at the fastest rate our world has ever witnessed.

All 2.23 million people in Gaza are projected to experience severe food insecurity by
15th July 2024

There is currently no access to clean water in the north. With only two out of three main water desalination plants functioning in Gaza – and then only partially – desalination units are desperately needed.

Families queuing up to use one of Oxfam’s five desalination units.
Families queuing up to use one of Oxfam’s five desalination units.
“Everything always hits the poorest hardest and more than 1 in 100 Palestinians have been killed. But every time we’re able to help one of the survivors, it makes a world of difference to their lives.”
— Bushra Khalidi, Policy Lead, Oxfam in Jerusalem

A reminder of the key facts

75 years of military occupation

and 16 years of illegal blockade had left 80% of Gazans dependent on aid before the war

34,000+Palestinians killed

mostly women and children

77,000+civilians have been seriously injured

7,000+people are missing

presumably buried under rubble

17,000 children are unaccompanied

or separated from their families

1.9 millionpeople have been displaced

Almost all survivors

“There’s human suffering and tragedy behind every single one of these sickening
— Bushra Khalidi, Policy Lead, Oxfam in Jerusalem

Our actions to help keep people in southern Gaza alive

As of 22nd March 2024, we provided:

5Desalination units

14,000+Jerry cans and buckets

3,593Lifesaving food parcels

Meet the faces behind the statistics

We met with Muna* and her family.

Muna and Mutaz's family

Her husband Mutaz* shared with us their story.

"We received a message instructing us to relocate … we found nothing at the suggested location: no food, or water, mattresses or blankets.

We were all wet and sick. Everyone is feeling sick … Constant bombings surround us, disrupting our sleep."


Mutaz baking bread for his family.

“Flour is unavailable. We purchased a 25kg bag for 500 ILS, which is approximately $150. Can you believe it?

Bread is a precious commodity… I even keep the burned bread that we used to throw away. I am keeping this to feed it to someone who is dying from hunger.”

As educated individuals, we, including myself as an engineer, are not accustomed to such a life, but it is God’s will."

*Names changed for security reasons.

Meet Feeda's family, who recently welcomed the arrival of a newborn baby. 

Feeda with his 3 kid in a makeshift tent

Fedaa, husband and father of four children.

“My factory and home were destroyed … now my family and I are displaced.

Now I live in a makeshift tent made from cardboard and nylon with my three daughters and my wife who was pregnant."

Feeda holding his newborn baby

"Just three days ago we were blessed with a child, he was
born in the tent. A child of displacement.

I witnessed the killing of many people and the bombing of so many houses. I was so scared for myself, my family, my daughters, my wife."

Feeda playing with his youngest daughter.

“My youngest daughter, who is one year and two months old, is terrorised. She is always panicking whenever she hears an airstrike. She has started clinging to me, tagging along wherever I go.

We are human beings and we want to live. This land depends on people who can build
it and we do not want to die.”

Emergency Food Parcels

Your gift will help to buy emergency food parcels full of nutritious items such as canned corn, olives and sardines. Each parcel costs €93/£79 and, at 88,200 calories in total, could help families to survive this enforced hunger.

Emergency Food Parcel - GIF
List of items included in the parcels. It includes weight and pricing."

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