Food & Climate Justice

Help stop climate change making people hungry!
People living in poverty are hit first and hardest by climate change. Extreme weather is already making it hard for many of the world's poorest people to grow enough food to feed their families.
Climate change could affect all the things, people and places we love too. That's why we need your help to push governments and big businesses to take action to tackle climate change. 
2015 will be a big year for the climate justice movement. With your help, we’ll continue to campaign for strong climate legislation in the both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Working with activists around the world, we’ll demand world leaders deliver strong commitments to climate action at big international meetings like the global talks in Paris in December 2015. 


This year, world leaders could make decisions to protect all we hold dear. Make sure the people who can make the world of difference, feel our love. Watch and share this video.