Food & Climate Justice

It's time to stop climate change making people hungry!
The climate is changing - this year has been the hottest on record. For some of us, this means less quality food, less choice, and higher prices. But the world’s poorest communities are being hit hardest by climate change. When crops fail, fragile livelihoods are destroyed, people go hungry and families are forced further into poverty.  As extreme weather starts to bite, the forecast for nearly a billion people already living in poverty is more hunger.

Stand against climate change

Climate change threatens progress in tackling poverty and hunger. 
In just a few weeks, world leaders from over 190 countries will meet for crunch UN climate talks in Paris. Their decisions will affect all of us, our communities and generations to come. It’s vital that world leaders agree a strong climate plan that puts the needs of those most impacted by climate change first. 
Oxfam activists will be there to take part in huge climate demonstrations to press for fair solutions to climate change. Our policy experts will also be taking part in the talks, working to put an end to climate change making people hungry. 
You can also help us urge our leaders to tackle climate change, protect lives and livelihoods in the poorest communities. In the Republic of Ireland, that means pressing Enda Kenny to establish a climate justice fund so that Ireland can contribute its fair share to help poor countries respond to climate change. 
In Northern Ireland, we’re calling on Environment Minister Mark Durkan to introduce a climate law reduce emissions, to make sure we are contributing to the solution not the problem.  
Join us
Join us

Join us in Dublin and Belfast

On November 29th, on the eve of the Paris talks, people all over the world will take to the streets of their cities to make their voices heard. Together we'll send a message to world leaders to act on climate change and stop it making people hungry.

Join us in Belfast and Dublin on November 29th and be part of the movement against climate change, poverty and hunger.

Fighting Climate change is fighting hunger

All over the world, farmers, particularly women, are working hard to feed their families. But climate change is making it harder all the time. Find our more in this video, and share to spread the word.