Equal Right to Refuge – Take Action Now!

An Taoiseach Micheál Martin, please ensure equal right to refuge for everyone fleeing conflict and persecution, from Ukraine and across the world.


We welcome the solidarity and commitment Ireland and the EU have shown to the millions of people crossing Ukraine’s border in search of safety and refuge. In recent weeks, we have witnessed an historic response in offering sanctuary and immediate protection to Ukrainians fleeing to EU states, including Ireland.


However, not everyone is being allowed to leave the violence behind, with some being stopped at the Ukraine-EU border and pushed back.



And beyond Ukraine, refugees and asylum seekers across the EU continue to suffer as a result of policies and procedures that are illegal under EU and international law. People face violent push backs at several EU borders, are denied their right to seek asylum for unfounded reasons and are left to languish in inhumane conditions in camps. 


This must be a turning point for the EU’s migration response as a whole and we, the undersigned, are calling on Ireland and the EU to ensure equal right to refuge for all by:

  • Providing sanctuary and protection for all those fleeing Ukraine without discrimination, and
  • Preventing a preferential EU refugee response where some are met with solidarity and others with hostility


At any border in Europe – Ukraine or beyond – we cannot have a system that treats people differently for any reason. Everyone has the right to seek asylum, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or country of origin.   


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