Oxfam in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that consists of more than 7,000 islands, with most of the population concentrated on just 11 of these islands. In recent decades, the Philippines’ economy has deteriorated, hitting the country's poorest the hardest. The most extreme case is on the island of Mindanao where, despite being rich in mineral and agricultural resources, seven out of 10 families live below the poverty line.
Oxfam in the Philippines works towards a future where citizens, especially women and other vulnerable groups, are free from the injustices of poverty. During emergencies, we respond with life-saving aid while supporting people to recover their livelihoods. 
Every day, we drive change by working hand-in-hand with our partners. Through this collaboration, we help people to influence the decisions that affect their lives so they can lift themselves out of poverty.
We’re also improving the country's resilience to disasters so that we can save lives now and into the future. We invest in mechanisms that reduce the risks and impact of disasters and we’re ready to respond when crises strike, prioritising assistance for the most vulnerable.