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Saving lives & rebuilding lives
Saving lives & rebuilding lives

Saving lives & rebuilding lives

Adoaga from Chad “I feel well today. Much better and calmer than before the food distribution and I have less worries now that we have enough food for a while. We are eating bigger portions and with more nutrition so my children and I can sleep much more easily.” Cherestal from Haiti “There are many organisations here in Carrefour Feuilles but Oxfam is number one because it doesn’t just give, it shows us how to do things. There is a saying, ‘You can give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. Oxfam not only gave us money to start businesses; it provided business training.” Shamshedin from Ethiopia “From the borehole [being built with Oxfam’s help in this area hit by the East Africa food crisis] we expect a better life – it will benefit both the people and the animals, not only here but also in the surrounding communities – about 8,000 people. A better life will come. We have a lot of resources that without water we can’t use. With water, we can finally exploit these. We can grow vegetables, potato, tomato, watermelon, papaya, guava.” Hamra, Chad “The point of this work [an Oxfam cash-for-work scheme] is that when it rains, water will stay in the field. It will allow us to cultivate our field. We never know, this year the season was bad, next year might be better. In this field, I'd like to sow millet grains and gombo.”

How we do it

We act quickly to save lives when disaster strikes by delivering essentials such as clean water and shelter, food and public health, and by working with local organisations to make sure help gets to those who need it most. We rebuild communities and help them to prepare for future emergencies. Thanks to your incredible support, we are:
  • Delivering better protection and greater assistance to people in crisis by improving our response and being more accountable to those we’re helping.
  • Changing the way we and other organisations respond to emergencies to ensure the most effective response.
  • Putting conflict prevention, peace-building, reconciliation and longer-term development at the heart of our work.
Thank you from Burkina Faso!
Thank you from Burkina Faso!
Photo: Andy Hall / Oxfam

West Africa

We want to say a massive thank you on behalf of all the people you've helped in West Africa. You can be incredibly proud of what has been achieved so far. Once the earliest warning signs began to show, we were helping communities to prevent a disaster situation. We hope to reach 1.8 million people in total across Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and the Gambia with humanitarian aid. But we need your continued support to ensure this crisis doesn’t become a catastrophe. Learn more about how you're helping save lives in West Africa.

East Africa - An incredible response

This incredible video captures a Turkana community's delight as Oxfam builds them a borehole, bringing desperately needed fresh water to this village in Northern Kenya. Thanks to everyone who donated to the East Africa appeal – your incredible generosity has enabled us to implement projects like this.