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With almost 1,200 across the country, our volunteers are the backbone of Oxfam's network of shops and an important part of the public face of our organisation. Volunteers also contribute in our offices and take part in our campaigning events. In our shops, you help us create an environment where people want to come to support our work.

Your commitment to voluntary work helps us to deliver real change in the lives of those living in poverty. At Oxfam, we want every volunteer experience to be a rewarding one where people feel listened to and that their expertise and experience is appreciated.

We’re constantly working to improve our volunteer recruitment, induction, communications and support structures. Because we value your contribution and support so highly we want to make sure our policies are the best they can be. We are now developing our volunteering content online to make sure you are fully informed and can easily access volunteer opportunities, policies and information to assist and support you in your volunteering. This will be completed in the coming weeks. If you have any queries please contact Liz Martin at liz.martin@oxfamireland.org in the meantime.

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Please note many events are over-subscribed and ticking an event does not guarantee you will get a place. Following training, we’ll confirm for which events you have been scheduled

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