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  • Stop Starving Yemen

    The people of Yemen are not starving, they are being starved. This crisis is entirely manmade and all parties to the conflict can and must resolve it, including by ending the blockade on food and aid imports.

  • Do not Forget Palestine

    Palestinian are being deprived of their rights including land ownership and subjected to cyclical and disproportional use of military force. Failure to address the root causes of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians fuels more distrust, violence, restrictions on mobility and economic activity, and military solutions which disproportionately impact the security, well-being and rights of the Palestinian people.

Become a fundraiser

A fantastic way to raise money for charity is to organise a fundraising event.

Fundraising for Oxfam, you are joining a global movement of people who won’t live with the injustice of poverty. Together we save lives and rebuild communities when disaster strikes, while also supporting people’s efforts to lift themselves out of poverty over the long term.

Our fundraising team will support you every step of the way with a fundraising pack and a personal fundraising page that you can share with your social networks to increase awareness of your fundraising event.


Become a fundraiser for Oxfam

Volunteer in our shops, offices or at events

By volunteering with a charity, you give the most precious gift of all - your time, to give back to your community and to help charitable organisations like Oxfam Ireland run smoothly and raise money to run life-saving programmes to help vulnerable people in poverty.

Are you passionate about living in a world where people are free from poverty and injustice? Oxfam is part of a global movement for change, empowering people to create a future that is secure, just and free from poverty. By volunteering with us, together we help people build better lives for themselves.

Volunteer in your local Oxfam shop, contribute in our offices or take part in campaigning events to make a world of difference in the lives of people living in poverty, meet new friends and develop skills along the way.

Join us as a volunteer

Campaign for change

We campaign side-by-side with our supporters to challenge those who would abuse or mismanage their own power. We campaign to change bad policy and bad practice.

Our campaigns are built on evidence from our long-term development and emergency work. We work in more than 90 countries with thousands of local partners who in turn reach millions of people and they point us to where our campaigns can add most value.

Together we can change the laws and practices that keep people trapped in poverty. Take action on some of the world's most urgent issues.

Stop Starving Yemen
Volunteer with us

Learn new skills and meet new friends while helping to change lives in our shops and offices and at events.

Right to Refuge
Right to Refuge

Please help us give the right to refuge. Speak out. Save Lives.

Join our campaign against inequality
Even It Up

The 8 richest people in the world have the same wealth as the 3.6 billion poorest.