Our Fundraising Team

We've set up a direct dialogue fundraising team (meaning you'll see them out and about) in order to help us work towards our vision of a just world without poverty. Direct Dialogue fundraising will play a really important part in helping us to reach our fundraising targets, and allowing us to maximise the benefits for the people we help overseas.

You might meet our team of fundraisers on the street or at your doorstep, so be sure to say hi!

If you have any enquiries please contact Graham Roe, our Direct Dialogue Manager at IRL-fundraisers@oxfam.org or call (01) 6350435. Graham and our Fundraising Team are always delighted to hear from you.

If you'd like to join our team, please view or current vacancies here.

Our fundraiser's names and respective codes are as follows:
  • Frank Vincent Kane (Coach) DD315
  • Sorensangbam Bronson DD337
  • George Alabi DD513
  • Emma Culleton DD537
  • Philip McManamly DD576
  • Rachel Orr DD584
  • Janko Dolinsek DD590
  • Megan Byrne DD591
  • Niamh Creely DD592


Our First Engagement team's names and respective codes are as follows:
  • Aisling Bolton FEN027
  • Daire Houlihan FEN036
  • Sorcha Doyle FEN034
  • Riki Tilikainen FEN037
  • Vydehi Muppavarapu FEN019