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Damage following an Israeli airstrike on the Sousi mosque in Gaza City

Call for a lasting ceasefire

We call for a lasting ceasefire and peace in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel and an end to the death and injury of innocent civilians..

The supplies of food, water, fuel and power allowed into Gaza in recent days, are a small fraction of what is needed. Hunger, thirst and darkness continue – the risk of deadly, infectious diseases like cholera is a continuing threat..

Conflict hits the poorest and most vulnerable hardest.

Before this escalation of violence, 80% of the approximately 2.2million people living in Gaza depended on humanitarian assistance – that’s the equivalent of almost the entire population of Northern Ireland relying on aid to survive.

The full blockade imposed by Israel on 10th October followed 16 years of blockade and repeated cycles of violence during that time. This has destroyed Gaza’s economy and people’s livelihoods. People have repeatedly recovered and communities have repeatedly rebuilt, only for gains to be quickly lost and more infrastructure decimated by outbreaks in violence.

Right now, as a result of this escalation of violence, a humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented levels is unfolding in Gaza.

Food, water, fuel and power are nearing exhaustion. And this is causing more than hunger, thirst and darkness – there is now a record risk of deadly, infectious diseases like cholera.

Call for a lasting #CEASEFIRENOW.

Just as we cannot watch any more needless deaths of innocent Palestinian and Israeli people, we cannot allow people to die of starvation, dehydration or preventable illnesses because of political failure.

Organisations like Oxfam and our partners need full access to resume humanitarian programmes in Gaza and reach those hardest hit by the ongoing conflict – in the long-term as well as the short-term. 

We commend the Irish Government for their strong leadership on this issue to date, including their persistent efforts to ensure international humanitarian law is upheld and to ensure unimpeded humanitarian access so that aid can reach people in Gaza.

We call on them now to use their influence at EU Council level to push for a full #CEASEFIRENOW by all parties.

This is the only way to get enough humanitarian aid and life-saving assistance to civilians enduring unimaginable pain and suffering.

Please show solidarity and add your voice to amplify the call for:

  • A full #CEASEFIRENOW in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel;
  • No more death or injury of innocent civilians and a release of anyone held captive;
  • An end to the blockade in Gaza and immediate and widespread access to life-saving humanitarian aid, including food, water and fuel,
  • Meaningful political action to forge a path to real and lasting peace for Palestinian and Israeli people.

If you're based in Northern Ireland, you can send a #CEASEFIRENOW message to the UK Government here. Thank you for your solidarity and support