Oxfam Ireland statement on safeguarding

Oxfam Ireland statement on safeguarding

We completely condemn any form of abuse against the people we work to protect and support. We have a zero-tolerance approach to sexual misconduct and will not stand for any kind of harassment of staff, partners, volunteers or those we serve.

The behaviour of some staff employed by Oxfam Great Britain in Haiti in 2011 and Chad in 2006 was totally unacceptable, contrary to our values and the high standards we expect of our staff. 

It is our absolute priority to ensure that our staff and volunteers in our offices, shops and overseas programmes are safe and valued in their workplace.

We have several safeguarding policies in operation to prevent harassment and abuse, including a prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse policy. Staff are encouraged to raise any concerns they may have without reprisal and we have a robust whistleblowing policy in place.

We have recently completed consultation with Volunteer Now as part of the development and implementation of a robust Safeguarding Policy to include both children/young people and Adults at Risk. This is designed to support and protect both staff and volunteers.  It includes training for designated safeguarding roles, which are already in place in the organisation. 

We also remain committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our supporters. 


Notes to Editor: 

  • Oxfam Ireland’s all-island polices to protect and support staff and volunteers include: 
  1. Safeguarding policy
  2. Anti-bullying and Harassment
  3. Disclosure of Malpractice in the Workplace/Whistle-blowing Policy
  4. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy
  5. We also have robust recruitment processes which involve vetting, reference checks, probationary periods and adherence to Oxfam’s codes of practice and conduct, as required by the role. 
  • No staff employed by Oxfam Ireland were involved in the case in Haiti.
  • The case did not involve the misuse of public funds. All of the money raised by Oxfam Ireland supporters was spent as planned on the response to the earthquake of 2010.
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