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Supporting GROW!
Supporting our GROW campaign!
Supporting GROW!

Each voice makes a difference. Whether it’s signing a petition, taking an e-action or joining us at a campaign event, you’re helping to change the world. Persuading those in power to do the right thing can be tough. But every action you take can have a powerful impact on people's lives. Take a moment to savour some campaign successes and know that, with your time and passion, we did this.

Women's rights

Women are disproportionately affected by poverty. That is why we believe that Ending Poverty Starts with Women. Our campaign has seen thousands of people, north and south, lend their voices to our call for increased support for projects that help women to become decision-makers, claim their rights and end gender-based violence.

Food justice

We asked people to stand up for food justice by supporting our GROW campaign, which demanded urgent action to fix the broken system that has left one billion people hungry.
Launched in 43 countries in June 2011, over 1,000 supporters in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland became GROW campaigners in the first month alone.

Our campaign got people talking about what could be done to end the scandal of hunger. Our supporters set the internet alight, as ideas were shared across Twitter, Facebook and countless blogs.

Climate change

We play a leading role in the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a highlight of which was a public protest outside Dáil Éireann last summer involving hundreds of coalition supporters.

We maintained pressure on the Irish government to fulfill their promise to introduce climate legislation. The culmination of this work was the publication by the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan of a Roadmap for Climate Policy and Legislation, which commits to publishing the heads of a Climate Bill by 2013.

Development aid

Despite economic problems at home, we believe it is crucial for the Irish government to maintain its commitment to overseas aid, which amounts to 50c for every €100 earned.

We played a leading role in the Act Now on 2015 campaign, which called on the Irish government to stop cutting the overseas aid budget. Following extensive campaigning, and with the support of the Irish public, the government announced only marginal cuts to the aid budget in 2011.


We believe that fair trade is key to the fight against poverty and injustice. That is why we’ve launched Fairtrade Fortnight, with campaigners taking to the streets of Dublin and Belfast to show passers-by how they could make a difference by giving people in the developing world a fair deal.

Campaigner development

We believe that public participation in campaigns is vital. Our campaigners signed-up 10,151 members of the public to our Climate Change Destroys Lives. Let’s Face It campaign, giving people an opportunity to engage on a deeper level with global justice issues.

We offer tailored training to people interested in supporting our campaigning.