Behind the Brands

We’ve looked at the biggest food companies’ policies on issues from water to women, the way they expect their suppliers to behave on these issues, and what they do to measure and improve their impact on every worker and farmer who makes their ingredients.

After 12 months of campaigning your pressure is making a difference. Over 395,000 people have demanded more from the Big Ten companies and their scores are starting to improve – but all of them still need to do more to make the global food system work for all. 

First, Oxfam supporters moved the three biggest chocolate companies to do right by the women in their supply chain. Then we pressured the biggest brand in the world Coca-Cola, and the world’s biggest food and drink company PepsiCo, to commit to zero tolerance of land grabs throughout their supply chain.


When enough of us speak out, companies listen. 
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What a difference a year makes

Check out our video below to see what can be achieved in a year when hundreds of thousands of people around the world join together to take action: