Women’s Empowerment€35 / £30

In many places, women are made to feel that the decisions that impact on their lives are none of their business. 

This gift will help women and girls whose skills and talents are underused or undervalued to have the life and livelihood opportunities that transform their future.

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Oxfam Unwrapped - Support a Woman in Business
Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam


The money raised by this gift will go into our Women’s Rights fund, supporting a wide range of life-changing programmes in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda that help women to stand up for their rights and have a say in the decisions that impact on them and their communities.

You could help women like Godelive Nyirabakobwa (58) and 800 others like her in Rwanda who have set themselves up as successful pineapple sucker growers and sellers thanks to an Oxfam-supported project. 

Godelive is firmly focused on developing her business plans and improving life for her family: “I feel like an entrepreneur because one day I sat and thought: ‘What if I get pineapple suckers, multiply them and try to generate income from them?’, and I got pineapple plants, divided each into four suckers and grew them.”

The success of Godelive and her fellow female farmers has had a wider impact beyond their fields.

“Now the women in Rwanda today are more open,” she explains. “In the past it used to be that if you wanted to start something you had to wait for your husband’s approval to start. Today any of us can just start something.”

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